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  20. When did it become: “delivered to your inbox”?
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  30. Mathematician’s answer, via Screenbeard
  31. Don’t write “how it looks like”
  32. You can (not) bracket
  33. Hackers are malicious
  34. Acronym Finder isn’t one
  35. Word of the day: Diffident
  36. Today’s word: Allocable
  37. Friday Fanmail: Machon SERP, and a novella quote
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  39. CSS didn’t decouple content from presentation
  40. Wikipedia’s mathematics articles need work
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  47. After the jump
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  51. A dodgy English sentence on USB keys
  52. Ports
  53. A YouTube Overwatch video
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  56. Addressable SMB
  57. Confirm shaming
  58. Trying Grammarly
  59. The G in PNG and JPG
  60. Das FütenBaum
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  62. Yeah but, y’know, caffeine butter
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  64. Gotten
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