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  1. IT snow days
  2. Why I’m sticking with RSS
  3. W3C RDFa validation works, thanks @sideshowbarker
  4. Homebrew now has Haswell CPU tests
  5. IDG Connect retro logo is retro
  6. W3C HTML5 validator no longer accepting RDFa?
  7. So long Mr Conroy, thanks for all the fish
  8. SalesForce Oracle supposition soup
  9. The real barrier to SaaS adoption
  10. HKSAR Government statement on Edward Snowden
  11. Sony CDP-101
  12. Cisco Discovery Protocol, eventually
  13. C++ function for a Perl guy
  14. Twitter won’t load on #TPG in the evenings
  15. Cray Mac Pro
  16. Perl print on closed filehandle
  17. Why we should care about a retired Twitter API
  18. A long overdue au revoir to aterm!
  19. My Mac Pro space station
  20. The @brentsimmons on Mercurial versus Git
  21. Replacing RSS author with Dublin Core’s dc:creator
  22. Philosocisco
  23. Goodbye Camino
  24. If you see this tweeted, you’re luckier than me!
  25. Jekyll dates, timestamps require timezones
  26. The only networking guy around here
  27. Go home, site value estimators
  28. On the open nature of Cisco’s EIGRP
  29. One does not simply network meme
  30. Dealing with UTF8 in Perl
  31. I don’t always make lame networking memes
  32. Install jekyll-import with –pre for now
  33. This isn’t about the Cisco 2800 router series
  34. Eric Schmidt says we’re just afraid of change
  35. My latest retro multimedia CD-ROM haul
  36. Is full-disk encryption worth it? Pokémon
  37. What’s wrong with technical answer sites
  38. Sharp slipping pSee shipments
  39. Dell, going private
  40. I think my new iPad mini is Canadian
  41. Sorry Scoble, @Om was right on privacy
  42. Cisco Packet Tracer doesn’t work on Windows NT
  43. Google Keep?
  44. The @Giz_au apoligises for calling me stupid, kinda
  45. Goodbye Google Reader
  46. Arigato @risuchiin
  47. So when Samsung shuns NFC, it’s okay
  48. Pinterest
  49. After @Giz_au says I look stupid, they delete my comment
  50. O’Reilly publishing: Muscle Nutshell
  51. Keeping downloaded Xcode components
  52. When @giz_au said I looked stupid
  53. The 1990s Dell Dimension, via @dai1313
  54. The Ancient Compaq Presario 5510 spaceship
  55. Unsubscribing from StackExchange pandas
  56. Using TextExpander with Perl? Hell yes!
  57. Yay, my Twitter was breached!
  58. Amazon, please check where your customers are
  59. RVM: It’s the little things
  60. Goodbye, Old Glossy
  61. Yahoo! Mail finally gets SSL!
  62. The wrath of certain Android users
  63. A cheaper Chevrolet Volt
  64. Non-destructive Perl regex substitutions
  65. It’s Not Apple So It’s Okay™
  66. Now I know how it feels to talk to me
  67. I need the lightest possible machine…
  68. An 11” MacBook Air unboxing review thing
  69. Infinite Solutions: Recharging batteries
  70. How many comments does it take to ruin a joke?
  71. Use FTP to download Firefox betas
  72. She adores her 64!
  73. CentOS onigiri, by @hanezawakirika
  74. kernel_thread_helper+0x7/0x10
  75. Well hello, @yaakov_h!
  76. Minor site tweaks of doom
  77. Happy 25th birthday, Perl!
  78. Soon we can download an archive of our tweets
  79. ISDN faster than ADSL!
  80. I didn’t pay @CaramelJune for this one
  81. My first Perl CGI script website nostalgia thing!
  82. NoScript Christmas hat!
  83. FreeBSD pkg bootstrap is being restored
  84. pkgng is now in the FreeBSD Handbook
  85. A veritable pain in the neck
  86. Malaysian FreeBSD nostalgia and community
  87. Changing timezones in CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, Yuki
  88. Now @Technorati can’t tell what a blog is?
  89. Technorati re-verification
  90. Disable some of Google’s tracking
  91. FreeBSD GPT works just fine on the ThinkPad X40
  92. Preemptive Amazon nostalgia
  93. Chrome supports DNT, finally
  94. pkgin and pkgng for pkgwin
  95. 14 years later, he tried SciTE
  96. Chrome OS: I see what you did there ZDNet
  97. New Skype to debut only on Windows 8
  98. XAMPP: Couldn’t start MySQL
  99. NetBSD 6.0
  100. Belkin F5D7010 works on Fedora and FreeBSD
  101. Running XAMPP on Fedora x86_64
  102. Line numbers in GNU Emacs
  103. CentOS favicons in Nautilus?
  104. Linus Torvalds and I had the same computer
  105. SHA-3
  106. I love you John, but stop reporting on Apple!
  107. UTS site defaced with plaintext passwords
  108. HandBrakeCLI start-at and stop-at in
  109. Dog ate my homework, crashed my calculator
  110. SCnO-more?
  111. This industry sure moves fast
  112. Google still silent on non-JavaScript +1
  113. Point Gnome 3 Contacts to SeaMonkey Address Book
  114. Acer being truthful about Windows tablets
  115. Additional plugins are required to display…
  116. Are sites storing your passwords securely?
  117. Want to see a cool gear animation?
  118. Preallocating qemu-img images
  119. People still fall for this Twitter DM spam?
  120. A Firefox phone? Yes please!
  121. Installing @PollyClient on Fedora 16 and 17
  122. More Gmailers than Hotmailers?
  123. Stallman Schneier Stuxnet Security
  124. R18 game classification in Australia
  125. Comments on Microsoft’s Surface Tablet
  126. Wikipedia’s latent research heaven!
  127. A rambling Mac Pro status report!
  128. Would you give an ARM for an Intel phone?
  129. My letter to Westpac about a PayPass debit card
  130. Ruben studies UML, again!
  131. Retro DEC PDP11 graphics
  132. Goodbye blog comments!
  133. Hey you, read @jamiejakovBlog
  134. Followup to my Bitcoin post
  135. Seagate and LaCie, hard drives consolidate again!
  136. The ABC and Bitcoin
  137. Review and pronounciation of Wuala!
  138. A new term by @StuartCRyan
  139. I was wrong about Google Street View
  140. Steins;Seagate
  141. Optus, Vodafone network sharing, via @madcatjo2point0
  142. Microsoft Barnes and Noble, wait what?
  143. Did Google Drive rip off Vplayer? Not really!
  144. Goodbye to Simple Clocks?
  145. HP Enterprise Mobility Platform thingy
  146. That’s a pretty complex avionics rack!
  147. Make Qt applications match Gnome 3
  148. Google Drive
  149. No drive encryption in flavours of Windows 8?
  150. Friends don’t let friends use crappy keyboards!
  151. A380 plushies with @johncarneyau and @DrRachie
  152. Facebook saved Twitter $1 billion?
  153. Labelling an ext2, ext3 or ext4 file system
  154. The partition is misaligned by 3072 bytes?
  155. Does not having it impede its primary function?
  156. Windows Phone UI efficiency
  157. Trains Ruben Taketh #adayinthelifeApril2
  158. Goodbye Google+, I hardly used thee
  159. Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  160. Java enhanced for loops for UTS peeps
  161. CNN Mashable
  162. Australian Personal Computer, March 2012
  163. Sydney in three words, maybe
  164. FourSquare OpenStreetMap winning
  165. #AtheistRollCall
  166. Google didn’t decide to drop mobile Flash
  167. Czech Republic suspends #ACTA
  168. Australian full body scanners
  169. Google has merged their TOS… so?
  170. Your car was stolen in London too?
  171. Lord of the Rings Lego Minifigs
  172. Scared of Google? You won’t be of Microsoft!
  173. Yo trader, what Facebook at?
  174. Megauploads to delete user data?
  175. #TwitterBlackout
  176. That Focus on the User Google thing
  177. I had a BlackBerry back in the day, with old photos!
  178. Softonic Downloader
  179. Pointless post #4300 celebrations!
  180. Nothing on Megaupload you haven’t read already
  181. Waiter, David Aaronovitch’s SOPA piece is cold
  182. Let the bed bugs bite
  183. No Kodak moment pun here
  184. Wikipedia’s soft #sopablackout
  185. Blacked out [this post] for SOPA et al
  186. DBS responds to ATM skimmer fun
  187. What’s wrong with the world in two tweets
  188. What’s Avocado’s Constant?
  189. Probably not Google AntiTrust+
  190. You can just skim this DBS ATM story
  191. A query on post frequency from @Sebasu_tan
  192. Google profits more from legitimate ads
  193. Intel Ultrabooks at CES, via @kevinctofel
  194. DBS ATM skimmers
  195. Better late than never: HP not changing their logo
  196. Tweaking the SeaMonkey UI
  197. [Outage] 2012.01.05
  198. Social media New Year’s resolution things
  199. A blast from the Twitter 2007 past!
  200. Post A Day 2011 reflections
  201. My 2011 posts in a Wordle
  202. Telstra customers exposed, again?
  203. Made it through Post A Day 2011!
  204. Replacing Google Reader with SeaMonkey?
  205. Prevent volumes auto-mounting on Mac OS X
  206. The @GoDaddy to @Hover move begineth
  207. SeaMonkey 2.6.1 contains many more fastness!
  208. Goodbye GoDaddy, finally
  209. Almost no point posting this iinode entry
  210. Giving SeaMonkey a try!
  211. Possibly my favourite aircraft colour scheme ever!
  212. Changing your Singapore Mocca email
  213. BREAKING: I finally cleaned my desk!
  214. Changing my VMware email saga
  215. If only they used Google Scholar…
  216. A belated Alec Baldwin OMG!
  217. No more Dell netbooks
  218. A very Janeway Christmas
  219. Parallels Desktop Inception
  220. My LEGO figs!
  221. NineMSN has both kinds: Country AND Western!
  222. Trying out Parallels Desktop 7
  223. Telstra joins the Plaintext Password Parade
  224. Building Microsoft online evangelists
  225. QEMU 1.0 failing to build on Mac OS X?
  226. Not surprising to me in the slightest
  227. Sophos CityRail memory key adventures
  228. WordPress memory lane, and time to move on?
  229. TheyLikeCamelCaseAtGmail
  230. Building and running QEMU 1.0 on Mac OS X
  231. @Gowalla bought by Facebook
  232. Biometric flying Malaysian aeroplanes
  233. My followup Kindle review followup
  234. Witnessing NASA #Curiosity #MSL launch, from bed!
  235. Pre-shared games, with @Sebasu_tan
  236. #QantasLuxury
  237. Voting for a non-JavaScript Google +1 method
  238. Gruber and Topolsky on Android 4
  239. My shiny new Kindle 4!
  240. Super biased reviews of the HP Envy
  241. Google_nomap?
  242. BSDInstall is just wonderful
  243. Google Sidewiki
  244. How to start blogging, for @JerryNovak
  245. 10.11.11 – Happy Binary Day #1!
  246. Airbus A340 flying into the sunset, as it were
  247. Updating them Firefox 8.0 browsers
  248. The end of Kyubey Flash on mobile devices?
  249. Downloading before Google Buzzes off!
  251. Google Reader +1 fail
  252. Health benefits of writing, blogging and whatnot
  253. 01.11.11 – Happy Binary Day #0!
  254. All study, no play makes Ruben CSMA/CA
  255. System Nuakend?
  256. HP are making PCs again!?
  257. Not sure if I have one of them Kindles
  258. @Sebasu_tan and @hanezawakirika on design
  259. Seem like legit reasons to stop talking
  260. Some J-Walk Rubenerd graph goodness
  261. YouTube launches in The Singapore
  262. Goodbye to the J-Walk Blog after 9 years
  263. Our first throttling in Earlwood
  264. Dennis Ritchie
  265. Is Facebook any different? I think so
  266. Merging KDE icons into the Task Manager
  267. The blog of @Sebasu_tan
  268. CNET have their old logo back!
  269. iPhone4Steve
  270. I got fourteen new iPod nano watches today!
  271. Online universities won’t be cheaper
  272. Hacker News trolls #2
  273. Goodbye Armada M300
  274. Fortran 4chan
  275. Downgrading from Lion
  276. touché
  277. Awesome Starbucks threads
  278. Amazon Kindle Fire
  279. Firefox 7.0
  280. Text editor bloodlines
  281. TextMate: What’s next?
  282. My shiny new MikroTik 750GL!
  283. The IKEA Effect, and Manland
  284. Warning! OEMNADAP.INF already exists.
  285. Goodbye @Gowalla
  286. [Outage] Net Logistics, 2011.09.23
  287. TPG in SG, FYI
  288. Windows VM licencing?
  289. Rubenerd site history for the 4000th post!
  290. [Outage] 2011.09.18
  291. Esoteric DOS tip of the week
  292. KNetWalk is KNetAwesome
  293. Westfield tracking users, not on trains
  294. LibreOffice in KDE Fedora 15
  295. On this day in 2006: Blu-Ray and song songs
  296. My brand new KDE shirt of awesome!
  297. Fake trust seals, with bad puns
  298. Webify me, Mozilla!
  299. Google TinEye?
  300. 42 more days of J-Walk
  301. UTS robot dance troupe
  302. Another lost iTelephone
  303. Were we all Punk’d by HP?
  304. 7 of 8, Tertiary Adjunct to Unimatrix Discovery News
  305. Using WebKit with Konqueror
  306. What have you purchased online?
  307. Apache donated to, and LibreOffice
  308. I’m back on KDE again
  309. Goodbye CmdrTako
  310. We don’t need fibre optic and power cables!
  311. Android #1 mobile platform for malware, but…
  312. Great advertising for a technology university!
  313. Hacker News are such trolls
  314. Foresight versus hindsight at Dell
  315. An ode to HP desktops and PDAs
  316. Now it violates the GPL? Where does this stop?
  317. Paying more for stuff and whatnot in Australia
  318. Cocoa iTunes finally!
  319. Late night iMac UTS observations
  320. Don’t worry, Android is unchanged
  321. Motoroogle?!
  322. Ruben + Nerd = Rubenerd?
  323. 2007: Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone
  324. Tech I couldn’t live without: The INSERT key
  325. Tech I couldn’t live without: door handles
  326. Operating Systems Solutions #fail
  327. 20 years of the World Wide Web
  328. Farewell Old Twitter
  329. Internet Explorer IQ
  330. My first and last entry on Android patents
  331. I was wrong about Apple and Android!
  332. Why Google killed the toolbar for Firefox
  333. Vertically centred text in CSS
  334. TextMate 2.0: The Screenplay
  335. Cory Doctorow on the Samsung Galaxy Tab
  336. 509 Bandwidth Limited Exceeded
  337. Warn of Murdoch in Firefox and Chrome
  338. Replaced with apps from the iTunes library?
  339. This Week in Rubenerd Mobile Computing
  340. @Scobleizer on Twitter and Google+
  341. I vouch for SBS Radio!
  342. A legitimate software question from my sister
  343. WordPress’s 8888 ID post of fortune!
  344. Ten disturbing things about the Interpol filter
  345. Google +1 buttons here as well?
  346. What does Google know of your interests?
  347. At least they asked
  348. Google+, Google Plus, that thing
  349. Do you need another social network?
  350. VMware Fusion 3.1.3 and Windows NT 4.0
  351. @djackmanson, @omegatron and trolls
  352. Singapore army iPads?
  353. Thank you Hakeae and all of you!
  354. Mac Pro not seeing a SCSI-USB Jaz drive
  355. Neil Collins, Esquire
  356. Steam doesn’t like case sensitive HFS+
  357. An AdLib ISA card!
  358. Failing broadcom-wl on 32 bit Fedora 15?
  359. A cheap solution for my Nikon D60 battery?
  360. Steve Ballmer photos, again
  361. Fedora 15 Xfce spin hanging on second boot?
  362. QEMU Sound Blaster in Windows 3.1x
  363. QEMU Ad Lib MIDI in Windows 3.1x
  364. Concerned about protecting your PC files?
  365. Steve Rubel adopts a Tumbeast, has no more pets
  366. Mac OS X Universal Binaries finally disappearing?
  367. Apple only awards Mac App Store developers
  368. Why do Aussie banks need a wakeup call!?
  369. HP bevels, and xcalc, for some reason
  370. Orange MobileNotifier vests
  371. Don’t be a cloud tool, use them as tools!
  372. Will VMware Fusion 3.1.3 fix my woes?
  373. Still subscribed to my old RSS feed?
  374. Image import error
  375. Post #3666! Run away!
  376. Blogging when you should be tweeting?
  377. libcxxrt C++ runtime now available under BSD licence
  378. Openinternet commonsensification
  379. Slashdot: Are Third-Party Android Vendors Violating the GPL?
  380. HTML5 versus XHTML
  381. The Sophos Security Gateway?
  382. Victorinox Altmont 2.0 laptop baggyness
  383. Steve Ballmer, mua har har
  384. Fun with VMware Fusion 3.1.2 instability
  385. Pseudo-Scrabble pseudo-drive letter icons
  386. A user interface progress rant
  387. eBay Australia sending me postal bags?
  388. No more supervised Microsoft
  389. Microskype, or Skyperosoft?
  390. Homebrew git checkout error
  391. Comments on my Gnome 3 comments
  392. Ruben’s review of Gnome 3!
  393. NetworkManager not appearing in Arch
  394. The Death Star vs The Borg
  395. How this nerd beats insomnia, sometimes
  396. Twitter Borg?
  397. Being realistic about Windows
  398. Law enforcement usurping botnet control
  399. 1,024 Folding@Home work units!
  400. How to make Google good again
  401. AVOS
  402. Apple Android locationgate whatnot
  403. @i2yh @rubenerd photocopier reminiscing
  404. Get rid of the HootSuite social bar for good!
  405. On ANZAC Day, New Zealanders get this?
  406. Skools and Aussie Vodafone outages
  407. Maroon 5 local drive (hey I made a rhyme!)
  408. Cloudgate sounds like a toothpaste
  409. Building MCrypt on Mac OS X
  410. Yahoo still doesn’t get it
  411. Dropping some sanity… into a box
  412. comes with console Vim!
  413. After 6 years, Rubenerd Purple is back!
  414. Oh noes, data caps!
  415. Mercurial Vim-ness on Mac OS X
  416. Hiding categories in WordPress 3.1.1
  417. DOSBox doesn’t support SHARE.EXE
  418. Playing with Homebrew on Mac OS X
  419. My Fedora ThinkPad has a sense of humour!
  420. Can’t change a page’s default template!?
  421. France to require cleartext passphrase storage
  422. An Optus microcell? Me want!
  423. Lithium batteries costing us a bundle!
  424. A status update!
  425. Can’t import keys for cPanel users?
  426. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica DMCAness
  427. FileVault on case sensitive HFS+
  428. Clang!
  429. De-Chromeify Firefox 4.0
  430. Custom SSH ports with sshuttle
  431. Open letter to Apple regarding Finder dimensions
  432. Google closed Honeycomb, so what?
  433. Could Adobe #fail any more?
  434. Borland C++ 3.1 from 1991
  435. Started as a post about Optus YouTube access
  436. It’s hard being an Aussie Palm fanboy
  437. Mozilla Firefox 4.0!
  438. Twitter, icy attitude to developers, inevitability
  439. Making sense of LibreOffice
  440. IE6 Countdown should be IE Countdown!
  441. Westpac Bank internet security
  442. Très bien! Mandrake lives on in Mageia
  443. SpinRite on a Mac using QEMU
  444. My white iPhone 4 and Zune predictions
  445. Google’s non-existent whitelists… exist
  446. Transitions in CSS3?
  447. DeviantArt email thingys
  448. Microsoft Big W for Mac 2011
  449. An Optus phone data post, with cans!
  450. Bruce Clement asks why you blog
  451. Like buttons, Facebookers the new AOLers
  452. iPad 2
  453. Youths not concerned about online privacy
  454. This made me cry a little inside
  455. Hiding categories in WordPress 3.1
  456. VirtualBox RAM still a dealbreaker for PC DOS
  457. 3333 posts!
  458. FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE
  459. Singapore schwag!
  460. Site is back online
  461. Torch him! He dissed IPv6!
  462. Internet Explorer 9 relativity
  463. FreeBSD guy rooting for Fedora
  464. Java dying? Did Apple do it? An app store?
  465. RIP Ken Olsen 1926-2011
  466. Gizmodo Getting Graceful deGradation?
  467. Bing copying Google, apologies to Jack Johnson
  468. MacTheKnife is back in bidness!
  469. My uninformed rant on IPv6: being sold
  470. Enlightenment E17 at 1.0!
  471. My first bike!
  472. Nostalgia, SuperDisk drives under OS X
  473. CSRF, snooping, RequestPolicy for Firefox
  474. Cool uses for RequestPolicy!
  475. Chromium’s weird font thingys
  476. Twitter could fix URL shorteners
  477. RubyURL joins urlTea, parrots
  478. Image not saving scanned images?
  479. Another sophisticated cooling solution
  480. The bane of unmaintained Windows PCs
  481. A Windows 7 cleaning saga
  482. Last comment on the Chrome WebM debacle
  483. Malcolm Turnbull’s 640KiB moment
  484. @OliYoung on WebM
  485. Chrome dropping H.264 but not Flash?
  486. The oncoming second IT bubbly thing
  487. Having fun with hotlinkers
  488. Subpoenas make The Cloud more of The Scary
  489. Fixing an old, broken WordPress page
  490. Using VirtualBox floppy disk images
  491. Google Public DNS messing with Apple TVs?
  492. Wired’s How-To wiki can prevent hangovers
  493. Using QEMU for DOS on *nix
  494. You think 1/1/11 is impressive?
  495. Waking up your lazy Fedora 14 ThinkPad X40
  496. Dave Winer’s
  497. compromised, with anecdotes
  498. Mac menubar weather with
  499. DNS(ISP, Google Public, Open) rambling
  500. Hey, its a new theme thing
  501. I deleted my Facebook, not you!
  502. being sunsetted?
  503. Wikileaks now available on
  504. I can still read eBooks Apple!
  505. Started as a post about TextMate r1616
  506. Government use of iPads?
  507. Grabbing Fedora 14 while its hot!
  508. Oniguruma for Ruby 1.8.x
  509. ACCC and Optus at a directions hearing?
  510. eBay shipping times for Brazillian Russians
  511. Windows NT 4.0 sound in VirtualBox
  512. Optus message #Fail
  513. Celebrating 30 years of Post-It Notes!
  514. So Microsoft ISN’T buying Adobe?
  515. Windows Phone 7 thoughts
  516. Yesterday was UN World Statistics Day
  517. Whole Wheat Radio group crossroads?
  518. The filter IS a moral issue, Ms Gillard
  519. Goodbye Bloglines, I’ll miss you
  520. Cleaning VMware’s .DownloadManager
  521. Xfce Fedora lets the ThinkPad X40 sleep!
  522. Give Ruben an Internet
  523. Three most terrifying words to a Mac user
  524. TechCrunch gets eaten by The AOL
  525. Sorry Lance, staying on XP still makes sense
  526. A barely qualifying post on DSLness
  527. Home DSL provisioned! Awwwww yeah!
  528. Oracle is taking over my Mac
  529. I’m an uncool computer scientist
  530. Why don’t we have Open printer cartridges?!
  531. JavaScript Abuse 101
  532. Ned Flanders on Aussie NBN security
  533. Ruben is not an XPT engineer
  534. Puts for old versions of Perl?
  535. Aussie internet provisioning provisions
  536. Apple’s new September 2010 swag
  537. Restore iTunes 10 window controls
  538. Started as a post on a tethered iTelephone
  539. Okay okay, I’ll start using Ruby again!
  540. Status update and all that
  541. What HP needs to do after The Hurd
  542. AOL
  543. Optus and their redundant SMSs
  544. Has Labor shot down the Aussie net filter?
  545. 4,294,967,295 new Thunderbird messages?!
  546. Was Google Wave the SS Great Eastern 2.0?
  547. No more Facebook Whole Wheat Radio player
  548. Google can’t internalise empathy
  549. Move to Net Logistics all done!
  550. Conroy dubbed Australia’s dumbest MP
  551. An open letter to Tumblr Twitter users
  552. Perl 6 Rakudo Star
  553. The other Steve comments on the iPad
  554. Make Firefox look spiffier with userChrome.css
  555. No more Apple Cinema Displays
  556. SegPub downtime problem #8
  557. Goodbye Nexus One
  558. FreeBSD 8.1 freshly toasted
  559. SBS asking the tough questions
  560. Backing up Firefox bookmarks
  561. I already read these, Google Reader!
  562. Google Android the latest US weapon?
  563. Telstra’s Internet and Cyber-safety site thing
  564. My latest project worked!
  565. Longwinded post on the iPhone 4 saga
  566. Keeping volumes mounted when TrueCrypt quits
  567. Open letter to ZDNet Australia
  568. Schweet all day notebook battery power
  569. Great Firewall of Australia on hold…
  570. Phantom package manager messages
  571. Was YouTube just maliciously hacked?
  572. The whole Beef Taco Firefox debate
  573. The saga of finding old Windows 98 discs!
  574. No internet filter change under Gillard
  575. One sided reporting on Android and the iPhone
  576. Android is Cheerios, not sweet eye candy
  577. Australia has a female atheist PM! Run away!
  578. Ed Bott misses reason for Windows crapware
  579. The Starbucks culture in Singapore
  580. hptrr: no controller detected FreeBSD error
  581. Australia to record browsing history?
  582. Hate mail on my mum, Windows
  583. Thinking about WWDC 2010
  584. After the jump… into a BP lake
  585. Wind powered Slashdot comments
  586. Getting a tweet from Cory Doctorow!
  587. Review of Fedora 13 on my ThinkPad thingy
  588. North Korean agents trying to break blogs?
  589. M1 provided Wireless@SG doesn’t like Qmax
  590. Finally upgraded my ThinkPad X40’s memory!
  591. More SegPub fail without a peep
  592. Take THAT internet quotas!
  593. Stop the presses, iPad sells in Japan!
  594. hwbrowser Hardware Browser
  595. Steve Ballmer, 20 years of Microsoft in Singapore
  596. Fedora 13 Goddard cooked
  597. #CloudSourceSG, SalesForce in Singapore
  598. Using UUIDs in Fedora’s fstab file
  599. Some Western Digital drives have EARS
  600. Nostalgia at Windows 3.0 turning 20
  601. Investigating Python 3 support in Fedora
  602. Installing TrueCrypt on x86 or x84 Fedora
  603. Google supporting Flash doesn’t make it open
  604. Aussie customs can now search laptops
  605. Jim Kloss woke me up this morning
  606. Caution: filename not matched unzip error
  607. Common Fedora GCC problems
  608. Writing a post from… phpMyAdmin
  609. Fedora 13 countdown in the sky with rockets
  610. Picking up an MSI P43T-C51 for peanuts!
  611. Commodore’s Amiga fumble in one line
  612. Venting my own Steam for Mac frustrations
  613. Even Deutsche Welle falls into piracy loss trap
  614. Site to fight unfair Aussie bank fees
  615. 14th of May is Kill Your Facebook Day
  616. Who do you think helped YouTube write this?
  617. Neanderthal-Human interbreeding ideas
  618. Steve Jobs ruffles email feathers, again
  619. Android isn’t evil, it’s just not as awesome
  620. Microsoft’s consumer space woes
  621. Netscape icon swap nostalgia
  622. Using pushd and popd with tcsh
  623. Down argh Twitter down gone Twitter argh
  624. Few quick Mac Terminal TrueCrypt tips
  625. Does Facebook sell me with a pretty bow?
  626. An unlikely musical Twitter duo
  627. Using Firefox, no Namoroka, no Lorentz
  628. Why does Flip4Mac need Silverlight?
  629. Whopping 7% of Americans on Twitter
  630. Circumventing Aussie firewall could be illegal
  631. Buying stolen property is Apple’s fault?
  632. Segpub finally fixing my web server?
  633. Excited, verbose review of Joe’s Own Editor
  634. HP buys Palm, Ruben buys coffee to feel better
  635. The Fedora folk have a sense of humour
  636. Facebook third parties and inconvenient privacy
  637. Running Windows on sales terminals… sigh
  638. Signing the EFA’s petition
  639. Aussie filter patronises the digital generation
  640. The real folks who should buy Palm
  641. Aussie Across America and using email better
  642. #Adelaide #Earthquake Twitterings
  643. What happened to the vibrating Logitech mouse?
  644. Some midday eBay listing fun
  645. Robbie Williams sings about… Palm?
  646. Palm for sale, and some drawn out nostalgia
  647. Neal O’Carroll buying me a coffee
  648. A Tree Style Tab post, now with free trivia
  649. A hodgepodge of error messages
  650. The Reinvigorated Programmer by Mike Taylor
  651. Facebook iTunes integration… why?
  652. Conroy responds to critics… online?
  653. Host multiple blogs with default WordPress?
  654. Dr Karl answers your programming questions
  655. Mr GigaOM poses with an iPad
  656. Reframing my Wikipedia critisism as proposals
  657. The iPad and Palmar Hyperhidrosis -ness
  658. The iPhone, iPad forcing people off Flash
  659. FrankSting and Slashdot Znu on the iPad
  660. Gnome 2.30 has been released, I think
  661. iPad swimming pool iPod bathtubs
  662. The SHOCKING TRUTH about Disqus, et al
  663. My auspicious Windows 7 review
  664. New iTunes 9.1 books library thing
  665. Personal take on CNET’s iPhone 4G wishlist
  666. Uh oh, Facebook pre-approved third-party sites
  667. Obama frowns at the Great Aussie Firewall
  668. Visio 2007 trips Windows 7 compatibility thing
  669. Batteries own me
  670. Singapore, Aussie banks make no sense
  671. Unix file compression basics
  672. Main methods in Python, Ruby, Java stuff
  673. Launching my code snippet site… maybe…
  674. Clean Windows 7 upgrade from Windows 2000
  675. The world has come to an end!
  676. Ruben’s Windows 7 student adventures
  677. Qantas newsletters don’t… jump
  678. Firefox 3.6.2 fixes that zero day exploit thing
  679. Rush Limbaugh, healthcare reform, goodbye!
  680. Support Electronic Frontiers Australia
  681. SQL tried and true, but WXR still horribly broken
  682. Graduating from nvi, kinda
  683. Michael Atkinson stepping down (onto a thorn?)
  684. Could Melody give WordPress some competition?
  685. Windows Phone Mobile thing 7 is… the iPhone?
  686. How I learned to love The Gimp
  687. New Bus Eireann site review thingy
  688. Ruby on Rails > Django in one respect…
  689. Ruben’s biased browser feature table
  690. What are your favourite browser plugins?
  691. 2010.03.18 SegPub outages
  692. Fielding beats Ludlam, game over folks
  693. Only enabling 16 bit PCMCIA in a FreeBSD kernel?
  694. Kudos to Dick Smith Electronics in Adelaide
  695. A combination lock USB key?
  696. Declaring Google Reader bankruptcy
  697. Never before seen in a democracy…
  698. Don’t read this, read Josh Nunn’s Geekorium
  699. Trying out the nvi editor
  700. FreeBSD 8.0 boots on a Toshiba Libretto 70CT
  701. Michael Franks page is only off by 33 years!
  702. Booting a physical drive in VirtualBox
  703. Beware the wrath of @DaveWiner !
  704. Tcsh telling me DING!
  705. @roel247 just bought me a coffee!
  706. @cb60089 just bought me coffee!
  707. My 3rd Twitter anniversary today
  708. Downgrading back to Mac OS X Leopard
  709. Rescuing Wikipedia from deletors, part two
  710. I can honestly say I didn’t expect that result!
  711. Australia starting to lose global respect
  712. Ruining people’s Google Reader feeds
  713. Trying out Whole Wheat Radio widgets
  714. unzip need PK compat. v4.5 error thing
  715. Do I just not get Facebook irony?
  716. Possible reason for mixed Rudd premier meeting?
  717. A case study in why features != usability
  718. What Jonathan Schwartz couldn’t say
  719. Things you might not know about Microsoft
  720. Ncurses makes C all warm and fuzzy
  721. TweetDeck artefacts aren’t so arty
  722. A Japanese Dell makes it with a Mac Mini
  723. The new
  724. Apple’s unfortunate environment backstep
  725. Losing my mind, loosly
  726. Google Ad Planner now… DoubleClick?
  727. Responding to Aussie internet filter email #1
  728. SuperDrive likes FreeBSD, scared by Fedora
  729. Google Reader constantly logging me out
  730. Getting an email for Windows 7
  731. An ncurses virgin installs it and tries it out
  732. Welcome to the 21st century Conroy, Atkinson
  733. Shell’s massive data breach loss thing
  734. Google Buzz was a Google Facebook moment
  735. Office for Mac adopting the screen hogging ribbon?
  736. Answering J-Walk’s clock
  737. Google’s Singapore Chinese New Year #fail
  738. A quickie 3.2.0 review
  739. Foursquare sorta sells out, I’m on Gowalla
  740. Conroy compares Aussie Firewall to China
  741. Kent Brockman on 80% Aussie firewall support
  742. Aperture 3 signalling end of 32-bit support?
  743. Could KDE 4.4 be enough to win me back?
  744. Researching Nikon micro lenses
  745. This afternoon’s outage
  746. It’s started on CNET…
  747. Canberra is a city a city a city on Wikipedia
  748. Install Flash? Why?
  749. Jonathan Schwartz leaves Sun, fanboy response
  750. CNET email marketing #fail
  751. Trialling widescreen Rubenerd theme thingy
  752. Michael Atkinson steps down on net gag order!
  753. I broke Google Reader YouTube shenanigans
  754. Adobe attacks… with figures!
  755. iPad without Flash is Google without IE6
  756. An OpenSSH epiphany
  757. Politicians avoiding questions video stuff
  758. Probably no Firefox update security loophole…
  759. OECD is OECD is OECD on Wikipedia
  760. Initial iPad Star Trek sounding reactions
  761. Worrying out loud about the Apple Tablet
  762. OS X telling me to Service Battery? Uh oh
  763. Fun with graphical Links browser
  764. Lovingy detailed Logitech Anywhere MX review
  765. Firefox 3.6 golden brown and delicious
  766. Michael Atkinson on democracy, games
  767. Oxfam Haiti relief fund
  768. Reality check on that Google China thing
  769. When truncation attacks
  770. Can you print a blank page?
  771. Restoring damaged FreeBSD boot loaders
  772. Upgrading a Western Digital MyBook
  773. Catching up on a fortnight of happenings
  774. Heeeeeeeee’s back!
  775. [Eurotrip] Longwinded through free Dublin WiFi
  776. Uniqlo made me like clothes shopping!
  777. Rubenerd Blog 24(*10^2)
  778. The Unarchiver 2.2 rocks
  779. The Great Australian and Chinese Firewalls
  780. How web business still surprises me
  781. Palm nostalgia and marketing folk
  782. The Tennant 5700 industrial scrubber
  783. Can’t work Qt4-QtRuby on Snow Leopard
  784. Choosing between Ruby/Tk or Java Swing
  785. Bummer, I have to contact myself
  786. Happy 8th anniversary GigaOm!
  787. Great Firewall of Australia will happen
  788. Prevent [Ruby/]Tk window resizing
  789. Messing around with YAML and Ruby
  790. Logitech Powered USB Hub schweetness
  791. Ruby.conspriracy?
  792. I won’t be using MarsEdit, for now
  793. My Open Web Awards, Mashable be darned!
  794. Short post: Why I blog
  795. SingTel Huawei E180 on Snow Leopard
  796. DéLonghi Magnifica loud noises fixed!
  797. Bing wasn’t the page you wanted
  798. Ultra fancy new Planitonearth maps
  799. Market research fail
  800. Sorry for flooding your blog aggregator!
  801. Shell TrueCrypt on OS X
  802. Pixelated Snow Leopard icon problem
  803. Mininova going the way of Suprnova
  804. Spreading the FreeBSD 8.0 love
  805. Firefox 3.6 makes tabs slighty more useful
  806. Torrenting, downloading FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE
  807. Redirecting UniSA email is such a relief!
  808. PageRank, fast sites, net neutrality?
  809. Horizontal remote controls anyone?
  810. CNET advertisement positioning #fail
  811. Motorola Milestone is tempting
  812. Please consider the environment before printing
  813. Wait, FriendFeed still exists?
  814. LilyTerm is my favourite terminal emulator!
  815. Facebook’s reputation erosion?
  816. Dell down, Microsoft makes hardware move
  817. Fedora 12 installed and go!
  818. Internet Explorer 9 goals?
  819. UniSA virus #fail
  820. Oversensitivity in computer games?
  821. South Aussie tertiary education going Microsoft
  822. In the market for a new Logitech mouse
  823. Updated 2009 theme, the crowd gasps!
  824. Fedora 12 beta’s bundling of Mono
  825. Friday night shell adventure
  826. Safari 4.0.4 is slick, but…
  827. Fedora 11 is almost awesome
  828. League tables will come to Australia
  829. ThinkPad X40 secondary IDE #fail
  830. Esoteric spam that serves no purpose
  831. Could the OpenOfficeMouse be chorded?
  832. Android’s built in excuse?
  833. VPN connections faster than direct ones?
  834. Optus bill payment disconnect fail
  835. Unmount discs without ejecting on Macs
  836. Zuckerberg pokes fun at his users!
  837. Kaspersky’s FreeBSD anti virus! What?
  838. 24 hour Singapore shops and businesses
  839. Worrying out loud about JavaScript
  840. TextMate defaulting to the root directory
  841. Will Twitter Lists replace TweetDeck Groups?
  842. Train Simulator at 1am
  843. FreeBSD in VMware Fusion 3.0 is amazing!
  844. Freshly toasted VMware Fusion 3 goodness
  845. Facebook made changes? No, really?
  846. 2222 posts, and goodbye to GeoCities
  847. Running Windows on ATMs
  848. Generalising about Gen Y generalisations!
  849. Gordon Haff on why tech takes time
  850. A Twitter picture is worth…
  851. Internode has launched a blog thingy
  852. Style guidelines are sneaky and difficult
  853. Singapore Post’s postcode finder
  854. Writing code that ends cleanly without breaks
  855. Sophisticated Windows 3.0 sound!
  856. Jim Kloss on The Whole Wheat Radios
  857. Thoughts on the .net Firefox plugin saga
  858. Got a copy of Microsoft Dinosaurs from 1993!
  859. DOS nostaligia post with links and no point
  860. The birth of a Sidekicking verb?
  861. Cap’n, we’re under attack by Twitter bots!
  862. StarCraft, South Korea and Wikipedia
  863. Uh oh, I broke The
  864. Trying out SmugMug
  865. On Java inner classes and whatnot
  866. Half hour units and WordPress whatnot
  867. Why must external drives behave this way?
  868. Null Java data members versus methods
  869. A particularly ironic error message
  870. iPhoneUserNews and dull comment trolls
  871. Another paid post email thing
  872. The Sun Oracle Database Machine
  873. Flickr Pro accounts expire like grilled cheese
  874. Alas, XTreeGold and DOSBox don’t tango
  875. My first Everyday Rewards junk mail
  876. Quicken and Agenda: DOSBox to the rescue!
  877. Multiple online identities are too tiring
  878. Java and JavaScript service announcement
  879. Changing boot order in VMware Fusion
  880. Basic Java linked list queue implementation
  881. Welcome Google Reader readers!
  882. Java telling us The Tale of Alan A’Dale
  883. Rodrigo Haenggi’s cool new blog
  884. Deleting, starting my Facebook profile again
  885. Internode reactivated within a few hours!
  886. I don’t need no stinkin FormSpring
  887. The new MacBook Pro inverter worked!
  888. Twitter is Google Reader with editors
  889. Telstra, Optus, Internode killed my study break!
  890. Work struggle between SQLite over MySQL
  891. Home internet down, no new posts
  892. Windows 7 not faster than XP after all
  893. My sudoku puzzles page is go!
  894. Don’t use JavaScript to compose pages
  895. Programming language work and nostalgia
  896. Single Dock Stack icon for all your drives
  897. MonnieCakes!
  898. Exception and Throwable Java classes
  899. Rubenerd Fun Fact #82 Spanish homes
  900. Alternatives to Firefox?
  901. New MyUniSA home page launch
  902. Programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas
  903. 2009.09.15 SegPub outage
  904. Firefox 3.0.14 and 3.5.3 announced
  905. Thinking out loud about internet conversations
  906. Launch of Rubenérd Incorporated
  907. The Cliq beating Apple
  908. Basic Java linked list stack implementation
  909. Rearranging Gnome titlebar buttons
  910. Lousy networks more effective than filters!
  911. An iTelephone app advertising fail
  912. HP LaserJet Error -9672 on Snow Leopard
  913. BASIC on the iPhone Commodore 64
  914. Multiple Java classes in one file
  915. Theory behind linked lists
  916. Logos and Java classes for Java classes
  917. Doubts over my Cult of the Mac membership
  918. Shot inverter in the MacBook Pro
  919. No backlight on Snow Leopard MacBook Pro
  920. I’m in love with Snow Leopard’s new Menlo font
  921. Wikipedia’s new spiffy beta UI
  922. PC DOS 7 on a ThinkPad X40?
  923. 2009 Wordle for 2009
  924. Radio UserLand and the scary cloud
  925. Good encrypted disk images on Mac OS X
  926. WordPress summaries on some posts
  927. 2000 posts and a TweetDeck desktop!
  928. Sharing your favourite restaurants online
  929. Interesting Gnome sorting
  930. Live trial of the Great Firewall of Australia
  931. Firefox 3.5 still unstable in Snow Leopard
  932. Getting ready for Snow Leopard
  933. My Snow Leopard software compatibility list
  934. Font smoothing in Snow Leopard
  935. First impression of Snow Leopard: is gut!
  936. Using RandomAccessFile objects in Java
  937. Mawson Lakes internet since Tuesday
  938. Rubenerd Blog reached then 1980s!
  939. I won’t be advertising on Twitter
  940. An arm, a leg and a Drobo
  941. Dissecting USA Today article about Twitter
  942. Repeated SegPub downtime over last few days
  943. Just ordered Snow Leopard
  944. I heart Gnome’s international panel clock
  945. My blog reached the 1960s! Peace Out!
  946. Worrying out loud about iMovie HD 06
  947. White dialog, toasted, dry, nothing on it
  948. Message in a Bottle #SongsInCode
  949. Final review of ThinkPad X40 awesomeness
  950. Google Reader should update feed addresses
  951. Got me a set of TrackPoint replacement caps
  952. Mac and FreeBSD guy trying Debian
  953. This is a title for a TweetDeck outage post
  954. Three million Wikipedia articles!
  955. Initial ThinkPad X40 review, is gut!
  956. OpenSolaris doesn’t like 512MiB of memory
  957. Downloading, downgrading to Firefox 3.0.13
  958. Craptastic versus good quality second hand?
  959. Twitter is a place of great [t]wit!
  960. Getting a copy of Windows 7 Home Basic
  961. Does mess up your iPhone 3G?
  962. Grabbing an IBM Thinkpad X40!
  963. Whoops, Oracle does auto not null primary keys
  964. Choosing a Java IDE
  965. Phew, NoScript now blocks HTML5 media
  966. Custom Java exceptions
  967. Australian Central Credit Union, PermitCookies
  968. Facebook buying Friendfeed, off to Tumblr
  969. Java multiple interface ambiguity
  970. On Tim Berners-Lee and URI hacks
  971. urlTea now, this stuff is scary
  972. Uh oh, I killed The Google Readers
  973. When NOT to use Java’s array.length method!
  974. My pledge in response to Experts-Exchange
  975. VMware Fusion Fail
  976. Coffee shops starting to ban laptops?
  977. Do not be afraid of tablet computers!
  978. Windows 7 wants to search me
  979. The 2009.06.08 #TwitterFail
  980. Internet Explorer 6 Must Die Twibbon
  981. Celebrating 1,888 posts!
  982. Is it a final goodbye for urlTea?
  983. What kind of Twitter user are you?
  984. Java ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  985. UniSA doesn’t like Permit Cookies alas
  986. MacBook Pro trackpad on OpenSolaris
  987. iTelephone 3.0.1
  988. New BriefingsDirect design looks familiar
  989. 18,000 tweets and all that
  990. iPhoneUserNews is a breath of fresh air
  991. OpenSolaris, MacBook Pro, partition order
  992. Dual-booting OpenSolaris on a MacBook Pro
  993. Windows 7 with 2000 explorer.exe?
  994. Optus phone reconnection adventures
  995. Uh oh, I killed The Wikipedias
  996. Microhoo won’t undercut Google, for now
  997. Microhoo: a formidable partnership!
  998. Chatting with Dana Gardner on Twitter
  999. There’s nothing wrong with online privacy
  1000. Mac keycaps for Unicomp keyboards
  1001. A desktop background uh oh
  1002. New theme merging whatnot
  1003. Grilled cheese object reference diagrams
  1004. Another spiffy new MacBook Pro battery
  1005. Relationship between Twitter and blogs
  1006. Taking Paul Thurrott to task on the Zune HD
  1007. Stability problems with Firefox 3.5.1
  1008. There’s no such word as movies!
  1009. eBay thinks I’m a women who drinks coffee
  1010. Womanwithbite has been Twitter blocked
  1011. Seperate templates for WordPress categories
  1012. My dad’s site has gone live
  1013. Checking if tweets are under 140 characters
  1014. More Commodore 16 Unicomp keyboard comparions
  1015. is now JavaScript free! I think
  1016. Sue Heins from Inspring Women on Twitter!
  1017. MacBook Pro ExpressCard slot debacle?
  1018. VLC media player reaching version 1.0
  1019. Comparing my Unicomp to my Commodore 16
  1020. Why do they need 2 weeks to unsubscribe me?
  1021. I almost got my Unicomp SpaceSaver! Blast!
  1022. I love my new Unicomp buckling spring keyboard!
  1023. Google Chrome OS… goodbye X11?
  1024. Getting priorities right with WordPress 2.9
  1025. TACO, Master Password Timeout for Firefox
  1026. Mike Rann tells me it’s cold in Adelaide
  1027. No carrier error for SingTel EVDO
  1028. Device failed to calibrate laser… wait what?
  1029. Affordable MacBook Air, Green Hummers
  1030. Tab Mix Plus not working well in Firefox 3.5
  1031. Gmail’s awful new label system
  1032. Kudos to Unicomp
  1033. Just ordered a Unicomp SpaceSaver keyboard
  1034. Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is out
  1035. Twitter needs personalised filtering
  1036. The HP 12C as the greatest iPhone app ever!
  1037. Removing Categories from WordPress URIs
  1038. Desired features for Twitter and whatnot
  1039. Don’t fix Outlook, ditch HTML email!
  1040. Landscape iTelephone keyboard everywhere!
  1041. Adding my Twitter account to WeFollow
  1042. Followup iTelephone Optus unlocking post
  1043. Using my unlocked iTelephone in Singapore
  1044. Unicomp and CVT keyboards
  1045. On effective blog taglines
  1046. IBM Model M and Northgate Omnikey keyboards
  1047. 64bit FreeBSD Commander Keen
  1048. Using Qmax as your free Wireless@SG carrier
  1049. Microsoft is really running out of ideas
  1050. Singapore’s Wireless@SG extended to 2013
  1051. @WomanwithBite versus @Rubenerd and co!
  1052. Swag from the Singapore PC Expo 2009
  1053. On online mail, email and mail online
  1054. Using Gnome icons in the Xfce desktop
  1055. The Midnight Commander… editor?
  1056. Brief comments about new MacBooks
  1057. GTK+ failing to build, Xcode 3.0 is the culprit
  1058. Excluding WordPress categories
  1059. An insightful, honest Twitter message
  1060. Review of Nitrogen background setter and previewer
  1061. Openbox FreeBSD netbook software whatnot
  1062. GRC newsgroup discusson on Leo Laporte
  1063. Trippy Slashdot feedback picture whatsit
  1064. Happy birthday wishes for Tetris!
  1065. Servage and I are officially no more!
  1066. Xfce 4.6.1’s I18n and bug fix improvements
  1067. Unintended spam obfuscation poetry
  1068. A week off blogging looks like this
  1069. GRC’s SpinRite can’t be licenced for students
  1070. Happy 1st of June, bandwidth quota reset
  1071. Bing ain’t a Wolfram Alpha, Google, Yahoo
  1072. See you on the 1st of June
  1073. Whoops, 89% over transfer limit!
  1074. Some Mac software link clouds
  1075. The real problem with PHP
  1076. Broken Mac The Sims 2 equals bummer
  1077. Yahoo obfuscates search results now too
  1078. Testing pkgsrc on my MacBook Pro
  1079. WordPress category URI conundrum
  1080. If you’ve never tried Midnight Commander…
  1081. CNET comments are getting old
  1082. Testing Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta 4
  1083. Microsoft’s most epic fail of all time, researching Cibai!
  1084. Creating clouds of links instead of long lists
  1085. Web aggregators: the chocolate shop problem
  1086. Disjointed geographic observations on Wolfram Alpha
  1087. Congrats to Gerard van Essen from
  1088. Pouring coffee on a laptop wasn’t a good idea
  1089. Ghostery Mozilla Firefox extension review
  1090. My final verdict on Clipmarks
  1091. Credit card fraud on rise, IT security thoughts
  1092. Netscape reference in FreeBSD
  1093. My Intel Inside Xeon stickers arrived
  1094. An open letter to tech journalists
  1095. New Windows 7 logo, packaging leaked
  1096. My updated list of useful Firefox Extensions
  1097. FreeBSD 7.2 has been released
  1098. Reader comment: Google Chrome TV Ads
  1099. PC DOS 2000 boots on an Armada M300!
  1100. Social engineering email attacks are scary
  1101. RSS, Show, Anime, Thoughts, WWR
  1102. SG$700 for a Kindle? Thanks but no thanks
  1103. Karen Collins shooting Jim on Whole Wheat Radio
  1104. SimpleTags for WordPress
  1105. Herrie only plays Hi-Fi Whole Wheat Radio
  1106. Quiz says I have a Northeast American accent
  1107. Should blog posts be treated as time capsules?
  1108. Why do spammers spam?
  1109. Expected to find the Rubenerd Forum?
  1110. Free Software versus Open Source
  1111. It’s FreeBSD’s documentation, stupid
  1112. Cheap online source for software spam
  1113. New Show stuff… almost worked!
  1114. Technorati claim thingy
  1115. The optical and magnetic media tag race
  1116. Swine flu spam already?
  1117. The Schade Family Internet Grid!
  1118. MacBook Pro wishing out loud and whatnot
  1119. My belated review of VirtualBox for Mac
  1120. Installing Linux for the first time
  1121. Rescuing Wikipedia from some of its editors
  1122. Reading and writing Windows drives on Mac
  1123. The end of an era: no more GeoCities
  1124. Advertising on
  1125. Enabling CD-ROMs in DOS with generic drivers
  1126. Harold Nolte’s DOS nostaliga quiz!
  1127. My belated review of
  1128. Scatterbrain thoughts on the Sun Oracle deal
  1129. Om Malik on Facebook’s identity crisis
  1130. On sneezing and webhost downtime
  1131. Restoring posts since February finally done!
  1132. Turning off Post Revisions in WordPress
  1133. I’m back at, just like 2004!
  1134. Hello world!
  1135. Looking back at virtual machines on Macs
  1136. Super easy Windows 98 auto-patch archive
  1137. WordPress post ID 4000 celebration
  1138. Some LivingSocial updates
  1139. It started as a Centrelink Windows 7 critique
  1140. Review of Living Social top five lists
  1141. BetterPriavacy 1.25 broken in Firefox 3.0.8?
  1142. Restoring files with MacVim, Vim
  1143. Followup to my MacVim review last year
  1144. Review of AirMe for iPhone and iPod Touch
  1145. Giving credit where its due to Internode
  1146. Reading Google Reader in the dark on Linux, BSD
  1147. WordPress WXR/RSS problems solved!
  1148. Clipmark: China spying on Aussie PM’s emails
  1149. I just finished installing Movable Type 4!
  1150. Internet Explorer 8.1 to support Firefox plugins
  1151. Trying again with WordPress WXR exporting
  1152. A Sinclair ZX Spectrum for The Sims 2!
  1153. Yucky obfuscated Google search result links
  1154. Another quick Simple Spam filter update
  1155. Was ALMOST ready to overuse Clipmarks!
  1156. Clipmark: Slashdot Aussie censorship comment
  1157. Linking to registration pages on Twitter
  1158. Is Facebook trying to rip off my beloved Twitter?
  1159. Playing around with Clipmarks
  1160. Clipmarks test post with a photo
  1161. New Clipmarks account test post
  1162. Pointless post 1234 milestone celebration
  1163. Night thoughts about WXR, PHP, MySQL…
  1164. Reattributing authors in WordPress
  1165. WordPress eXtended export fun, 2007-09
  1166. Review of the new Xfce 4.6 desktop
  1167. Changing folders in the Terminal on Mac OS X
  1168. Excited about the AF-S NIKKOR DX 35mm f/1.8G
  1169. Jesse the JavaScript Worm
  1170. Quick lessons for NoScript and Firefox
  1171. It takes 10 steps to download StuffIt Expander
  1172. Come again?
  1173. Can Simoleons be exchanged on the forex market?
  1174. It started as a post comparing Reader and Bloglines
  1175. Is it RIP for Singapore internet radio? Probably
  1176. Switching to the TENEX C Shell on Arch Linux
  1177. Moving to Linux from FreeBSD on my Armada M300
  1178. Sunday afternoon post: Using my sister’s MacBook
  1179. I have some barred locations on my phone line!
  1180. Awesome usability Firefox extensions I use
  1181. A privacy and potential security Flash scare
  1182. No Twitter makes me chew office furniture
  1183. Trying to think of a catchy, inelastic software title
  1184. A fancier Scarlet A from The OUT Campaign
  1185. Optus stole my sanity again
  1186. Awesome security and privacy Firefox extensions
  1187. Opening exported Quicktime images in The Gimp
  1188. An Optus phone billing adventure
  1189. Followup to my Simple Spam Filter review
  1190. On Windows, file systems and shallow directories
  1191. Be careful Ruben, you only have 10 seconds
  1192. Please use Sumatra PDF instead of Adobe Reader!
  1193. The Delicious bookmarklets are all you need
  1194. Facebook’s terms of service change? Yawn.
  1195. Spread FreeBSD and all that
  1196. Sites that are still using MD5
  1197. Disabling the PC speaker in FreeBSD
  1198. Happy 1234567890 everybody!
  1199. Every friggen page is now XHTML 1.0 Strict
  1200. An iPhone uh oh message
  1201. Spelling it rediculous makes you look it
  1202. Shell work at 01:15 in the morning != smart
  1203. GlimmerBlocker: great idea in theory
  1204. FrostWire improves upon LimeWire
  1205. The best tool for the job is the one you can use
  1206. Redundant Web 2.0 slogans are
  1207. My feedback for Security Now 181
  1208. W3C’s XHTML ordered list mistake
  1209. Rubenerd Blog XHTML 1.0 Strict-yness
  1210. Stephen Fry on Creative Commons
  1211. I cite Wikipedia in everything I do!
  1212. Initiating SFTP connections with a non standard port
  1213. Booting Windows Vista should mean kicking it…
  1214. Debian security motivational posers
  1215. TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter
  1216. Quick guide to burning CDs in FreeBSD
  1217. Windows 7 security not worse than Vista
  1218. iPhone update 2.2.1
  1219. This site may harm your computer! Google error
  1220. An unlikely link to the Fedora team in Tunisia
  1221. Discovering a miracle cure for hotlinking!
  1222. Putting off customers to attract customers?
  1223. An FTP gotcha on Windows versus Unix
  1224. Turning a Firefox story into an anti-Mac story?
  1225. I’d love to meet Python inventor Guido van Rossum
  1226. Moving back to Internet Explorer 8?
  1227. Apple awarded patent for the iPhone interface
  1228. A ridiculously pointless 1111 post celebration
  1229. Partially recovering damaged tar files in Mac OS X
  1230. thinks this blog is about Management?
  1231. Defending my Internet Archive uploading methods
  1232. Uploading Shows to the IA, day 2
  1233. Uploading 260+ shows to the IA, one at a time
  1234. Perhaps 2009 isn’t a complete write off yet
  1235. is no longer being blocked!
  1236. FreeBSD has come a long way on Wikipedia too
  1237. Shows are now on
  1238. I love blog commenting systems again
  1239. Hong Kong Post Office uses SHA1 not MD5
  1240. Optus slapped with a fine for sending spam
  1241. I probably won’t be using Chrome on Mac (or BSD)
  1242. The ball is in your court Ourmedia
  1243. How long does it take to reset Twitter passwords?
  1244. Wrong Windows installer to install and installer?
  1245. Protect yourself against MD5 certificates
  1246. A hilarious Windows 7 beta report!
  1247. A reference reference to a J-Walk reference
  1248. So Apple isn’t giving up trade shows?
  1249. A refreshed Windows disgust rant!
  1250. This could take a while
  1251. The unnessisary excess of multipe ink cartridges
  1252. Voltaire on superfluous blogging and hair styles
  1253. Ifconfig versus ipconfig versus ifconfig
  1254. FreeBSD 7.1 now available!
  1255. Viewing images from the Terminal in Mac OS X
  1256. A year of blogging condensed into a Wordle
  1257. Using env in shebang scripting language lines
  1258. Remembering my silly mum one year on
  1259. Agitating Google Reader users!
  1260. My phantom Ourmedia account is a phantom
  1261. Google Reader struggle continues!
  1262. Eventually there will be posts with substance
  1263. Servage hacking, Rubenerd blocking update
  1264. and Servage have just been blocked
  1265. Chicken soup, a nice thick blanket and a book of cliches
  1266. A kitchen for Pownce users
  1267. Stop blaming Microsoft for cybersecurity woes?
  1268. An involved Optus customer support debacle
  1269. Pownce exported me a 404 error screen
  1270. On Google Reader, the iPhone and J-Walkyness
  1271. Making Firefox 3 look like a Mac browser
  1272. Having fun with out Aussie download quotas
  1273. I’m being punished for supporting blog comments!
  1274. Scripts to make Google Reader usable again!
  1275. It started as a post about drafts!
  1276. A koobface nail in the coffin for Facebook
  1277. Google Reader takes a turn for the bland
  1278. Google Map of Adelaide Christmas light displays
  1279. Is this shipping table normal?
  1280. Net censorship like trying to boil the ocean
  1281. Conflicting xml:lang attribute woes
  1282. What the 15 inch MacBook Pro really needs
  1283. Gordon Haff’s Pervasive Datacentre review
  1284. Visualising Google searches with StateStats
  1285. 101 things we’ve learned from video games
  1286. Enabling the Processor preference pane
  1287. Search for a killer desktop replacement combo
  1288. Late Linehaul Frt Delayed and other observations
  1289. My final Pownce post for posterity
  1290. Pownce export feature now available
  1291. Goodbye Pownce, I Hardly Used Thee
  1292. Never thought I’d have 1000 posts!
  1293. They listened! DBS no longer supporting FOTF
  1294. Warm feedback for my DBS FOTH post
  1295. Drive catastrophe, good thing I have solid backups
  1296. OPML feed for Great Australian Firewall resources
  1297. Ruben’s words of camera phone wisdom
  1298. iPhone 2.2 makes MobileSafari usable again!
  1299. The GetUp Team on the Great Australian Firewall
  1300. DBS Bank’s support for Focus on the Family
  1301. Installing Alpine on Mac OS X
  1302. Ended up as an non-ode ode to John C. Dvorak
  1303. Disable Marker Felt on iPhone, iPod Touch Notes
  1304. Sunday afternoon philosophy: spiritual atheism
  1305. Preliminary results of NetBSD on a MacBook Pro
  1306. Ruben’s epic Phantom of the Opera Ghost File
  1307. Western Digital Scorpio Black 298GiB goodness
  1308. Freshly baked Camino 1.6.5 now out
  1309. An Adelaide Airport addendum post thing
  1310. Blog spammers now using targeted advertising?
  1311. The EFA’s Dale Clapperton on Triple M
  1312. My review was featured on!
  1313. I’m calling it quits on Facebook
  1314. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be sending this
  1315. Google Reader feature requests
  1316. Windows 3.x on Mac OS X using DOSBox
  1317. Spamhaus names Microsoft in their top 5
  1318. Running Windows 3.x on a MacBook Pro
  1319. Remembrance Day header image updated
  1320. Reminiscing about DOS, Windows 3.x
  1321. Google Reader, take three!
  1322. My falling out with Microsoft actually explained
  1323. Possible reason why there’s no MacBook FireWire
  1324. Google Reader has me bamboozled
  1325. Assigning applications to spaces on Mac OS X Leopard
  1326. Notes on using NetBSD’s pkgsrc on Mac OS X
  1327. Sophisticated MacBook Pro cooling consulting solution
  1328. Metadata urges is an unfortunate title
  1329. Rubenerd Blog October 2008 rambling summary
  1330. New Aussie NoCleanFeed protest graphics
  1331. Apple, these are my FireWire drives
  1332. How to forcibly eject drives in Mac OS X
  1333. Only problem so far with the iPhone: MobileSafari
  1334. No Clean Feed, No Censorship on Australian internet
  1335. Windows 7’s blatant duplication of KDE’s interface
  1336. On RSS, Michael Moore, Jim Kloss and Taxis
  1337. Creating and using restricted accounts on Mac OS X
  1338. Brief flirtation with FreeBSD on my MacBook Pro is over
  1339. Mac OS X thinks Adelaide is in eastern Australia
  1340. MacBook a winner, unless you need FireWire
  1341. I can now boot FreeBSD on my MacBook Pro!
  1342. Keyboard and coffee, Sent from my iPhone
  1343. Open letter to overseas Facebook users
  1344. My MacBook Pro likes bras… whoa, what?
  1345. The penultimate plus one MacBook FireWire post
  1346. Addressing some MacBook FireWire arguments
  1347. Tips for compiling KDE 4.1 from FreeBSD ports
  1348. Apple still claims the MacBook includes FireWire
  1349. Obituary for FireWire 1999-2008
  1350. Apple’s tragic FireWire MacBook mistake
  1351. When people lose interest in you, use Qwitter
  1352. If you like my writing, you can buy me a coffee!
  1353. Registering for Brightkite fun, just a slight mistake
  1354. New aluminium block MacBook Pros are nice, mostly!
  1355. Journalistic merging of wikis and blogs?
  1356. New Apple notebook hardware, waffle irons
  1357. Nobody will ever need 16GiB, right?
  1358. So much feedback, yet this barely qualifies as a post
  1359. Blue Day 2008 and Mental Health Week
  1360. Free and open source Mac software goodies
  1361. AltaVista Babel Fish is no more
  1362. Nitpicking open source and free… again
  1363. My kingdom for a bigger notebook hard drive
  1364. Happy 10th birthday wishes for Google
  1365. My sister Elke now has a lettuth weblog
  1366. Fun with the Mac OS X weather widget
  1367. How do you curb weblog sporadic-ness?
  1368. BeOS, the Amiga, now the iPhone?
  1369. Okay okay I got an iPhone!
  1370. Freshly baked Camino 1.6.4 now out
  1371. My OS pipe dream, and HP developing a Linux distro?
  1372. Disingenuousity isn’t a word, but should be
  1373. Google Chrome goodness!
  1374. On the Mawson Lakes library and common sense
  1375. Networking issue to blame for poor VMware Fusion BSD performance?
  1376. VMware Fusion 2.0 Release Candidate 1 available
  1377. Do we all like HP’s new logo?
  1378. VIDEO: Replacing the fan in my MacBook Pro
  1379. Eye really like my EyeTV
  1380. A revisited MacVim editor review
  1381. Cleaning out accumulated FTP crap
  1382. Eeirily accurate web comics are eeiry
  1383. Is WordPress news not anymore?
  1384. It turned into a Vim and GNU nano ramble post
  1385. VMware Fusion 2.0 beta2 with FreeBSD review
  1386. This useless 810th post has the ID 1337
  1387. I’ve changed Twitter clients, again
  1388. OPEN Networks can’t spell Porsche
  1389. Drive letters in Mac OS X
  1390. Internode rocks!
  1391. Automatically quitting windows
  1392. Post 800!
  1393. Virgin Broadband doesn’t like my money!
  1394. Can’t log in after upgrading to WordPress 2.6
  1395. Phone line connection musings
  1396. The Adobe Flash of the comments world
  1397. Telecommunications infrastructure shock…?
  1398. Taking the high road, I hope!
  1399. Western Digital MyBook DHCP adventure
  1400. On Adelaide life updates and tank chairs
  1401. Hotlinking isn’t. Ruben arrested for bad heading
  1402. Only one problem with strong encryption
  1403. On Zimbabwe and operating systems
  1404. The Evolt browser archive
  1405. Backing up CDs to ISOs on FreeBSD
  1406. FreeBSD AMD64 is good for you
  1407. Tunneling X11 through SSH on Mac OS X
  1408. Fun with Xfce part 4: Using Openbox
  1409. The CNET Mac Conspiracy
  1410. Downloaded Firefox 3.0, still on Camino
  1411. Long live the Cobind Desktop
  1412. Whole Wheat Radio Wireless@SG problems
  1413. Fun with Xfce, part three
  1414. Fun with Xfce, part two
  1415. Fun with Xfce, part one
  1416. Ruby 1.8.7 released
  1417. Sus meeting up spam
  1418. Recover forgotten passwords in Camino
  1419. Just ordered a Yubikey
  1420. Latest computer book haul
  1421. VIM security note for FreeBSD folks
  1422. KDE user moving his main machine to GNOME
  1423. Zip and rar archives in Gnome
  1424. Web 8.0 goodness
  1425. Using Twhirl with Jaiku
  1426. Camino and Google Reader atom problems
  1427. Very expensive podcast folder nostalgia
  1428. Google Reader shared items
  1429. Retro Atlantic Neon signs
  1430. NTP primer on FreeBSD, NetBSD
  1431. Google says I’m a spammer, again
  1432. The iPhone in Australia
  1433. FreeBSD on an Armada M300 rocks
  1434. Double uh oh
  1435. Can you categorise too much?
  1436. Data capacity then and now, pretty amazing!
  1437. Microsoft not to buy Yahoo?
  1438. Showing network drives on an OS X desktop
  1439. Setting up MediaWiki for registered user edits only
  1440. A pleasant afternoon quiz distraction
  1441. Konqueror suppoirt isn’t a new Gmail feature
  1442. Incredible SGD579 laptop deal
  1443. On Adobe Air, limited accounts, updating, BSD
  1444. Spreadsheet adventures (and Excel 08 sucks!)
  1445. Well there you go, the K does mean something
  1446. I’m not being blocked so far!
  1447. You see, iWork is like a box of chocolates
  1448. The Commodore logo stats conspiracy
  1449. Specify image dimensions and save the world!
  1450. Uh oh
  1451. A philosophical Twitter question
  1452. Cutting Mono out of GNOME on FreeBSD
  1453. Why do you use Twitter?
  1454. Inheriting a little Armada M300 subnotebook!
  1455. Using just as a bookmark repository
  1456. My favourite free Windows 2000 security tools
  1457. Making restitution for my Vista post
  1458. A silly happy birthday Elke!
  1459. UN report on women chilling, not surprising
  1460. Useless post 700 post milestone post
  1461. My Windows Vista Home Premium adventure
  1462. Intel’s breathtaking photos from Twitter
  1463. The Internet Explorer Q Continuum
  1464. Comments instead of the forum
  1465. Apple bundling Safari was dumb
  1466. Ironic Adobe FreeBSD advertising
  1467. A philosophical security question
  1468. No need to Ask who wins this Easter
  1469. Dodgy Windows virus scanner on FreeBSD!
  1470. Insanely useful webapp to convert PDF to SVG
  1471. Archaic existence rude metals spam
  1472. What happened to groovy Scripting News?
  1473. Sleek Openbox in KDE on FreeBSD
  1474. Does believing in God make you happier?
  1475. Debian Etch for 5, then back to Slackware
  1476. Is embedded spam getting worse?
  1477. Powered by FreeBSD case sticker
  1478. Boohoo Microsoft Yahoo paraphernalia
  1479. Faulty Intel DQ35JO motherboard fun
  1480. The super wicked evil 666 post!
  1481. On low profile PCI cards and Microsoft tax
  1482. Rubenerd Blog made it to Upian’s Hot Links!
  1483. Family post with technical sociological term thingys
  1484. Jeremy Zawodny inspired Yahoo scenarios
  1485. Migrating from to Magnolia
  1486. KDE 3.5.8 font registration fun
  1487. Microsoft and Yahoo? Better close my accounts!
  1488. Leopard surprises me in February!
  1489. Twitter is down again!
  1490. Nokia buying Trolltech!
  1491. Accumulated holiday spam fun
  1492. Show on hiatus
  1493. Rails pollutes Ruby search results!
  1494. Emergency Twitter offline postings
  1495. Adobe Air musings and so forth
  1496. Snitter gets a Leopard makeover
  1497. How to run Internet Explorer securely?
  1498. Why do people add me en-masse on Twitter?
  1499. On spam and Schadenfreude
  1500. Felix and I start Tumblr weblogs!
  1501. Leopard’s X11 issues resolved
  1502. Happy birthday dad!
  1503. Kmahjongg and gingerbread at 0206am
  1504. Twitterrific lovingly sending… errors
  1505. Scary dubious Javascript evil
  1506. O’Reilly Objective C adventures in Singapore
  1507. Moving over to Segment Publishing!
  1508. Software compatibility with Leopard
  1509. 1000 Rubenerd musings!
  1510. Mac OS X Leopard launch in Singapore!
  1511. Security changes in Mac OS X Leopard
  1512. Making Camino look like a Leopard app
  1513. Servage takes site offline for 3 days
  1514. Camino runs rings around Firefox
  1515. WordPress eXtended RSS fun
  1516. The mysterious little DFE-670TXD
  1517. Sign the NoOOXML petition!
  1518. Nokia e61i screenshot of iPhone site
  1519. Why I probably couldn’t own an iPhone
  1520. Weird CNET network links
  1521. My beautiful iBook is working again!
  1522. Mahalo is just plain silly
  1523. Rainer Schade’s open source juice
  1524. Maths spam experiment kaput
  1525. Thinning universal binaries with ditto
  1526. Coffee, free wifi and Twitter
  1527. Rzip is absolutely incredible
  1528. Twitter down, internet addiction!
  1529. Mixed reaction to August 2007 iPod crop
  1530. iPod features I’d love to see and love to hate
  1531. Sim Lim Square and the Athlon X2
  1532. COMEX Singapore 2007 expedition
  1533. Netscape Navigator 9 rocks!
  1534. New Singapore download speed record
  1535. Modular Xorg on NetBSD from scratch
  1536. iTunes 7.3.2 crashing, force quit does nothing
  1537. Another look at NetBSD
  1538. Linux Windows comparison whitepaper
  1539. Just bought VMware Fusion
  1540. Trolltech revises permitted Qt licences!
  1541. Damn your new iMacs and iWork Apple!
  1542. Hide-a-pod on Cranky Geeks
  1543. Fickleness 101: Sticking with WordPress
  1544. Enabling UTF8 in Nano
  1545. Keeping MacPorts up to date
  1546. Learning FreeBSD, FreeBSD 6 Unleashed
  1547. Yet another iPhone post
  1548. Native Aqua programmes and Correo
  1549. Kicking the Microsoft addiction step by step
  1550. UFRaw on Mac OS X to open RAW, RAF files
  1551. Wireless@SG harder than people give credit
  1552. Using Smultron and TextMate
  1553. Five things Apple supposedly made up
  1554. Another mum treatment update
  1555. Evil spam rain becomes a deluge
  1556. F1, Train Simulator and weekend fun
  1557. Ruben on Ruby
  1558. Flash: repeating past mistakes
  1559. Why I love Singaporean internet
  1560. Seagate hard disk shot my FireWire port
  1561. Adelaide in… Austria?
  1562. A Friday Vista
  1563. Transmission 0.7 released
  1564. Amazing shrunking heads
  1565. Ruben’s sexy new Mighty Mouse!
  1566. The Leo Laporte Jaiku effect
  1567. Twitter versus Jaiku shenanigans
  1568. Twitterrific 2.0 is slick!
  1569. Singapore humble on Google Maps!
  1570. FreeBSD verbose package installation
  1571. VMware Fusion Beta 3 released
  1572. On Coffee, Ruby, Harry’s and Moving
  1573. Trying VMware Fusion, and trying, and trying…
  1574. On Ruby CGI, hospitals and stuff
  1575. Ruby 1.8.6 released
  1576. X11, FreeBSD, Parallels Desktop, xorg.conf
  1577. FreeBSD guy tries and likes Slackware Linux!
  1578. Mikuru, Fluxbox with ROX-Filer on FreeBSD
  1579. FreeBSD Boleh!
  1580. Dumbass psychos and KL back to normal lah
  1581. Joomla forum account deleted
  1582. KDE user tries Gnome after 8 years!
  1583. Fsck, power surges, journaling, FreeBSD
  1584. Commonwealth English spelling in KDE
  1585. Windows Vista Yawn, Xfce 4.4.0 is out!
  1586. Kuala Lumpur International Airport WiFi is sweet!
  1587. Creating FreeBSD boot disks on Mac OS X
  1588. Haruhi Suzumiya dancing on FreeBSD?
  1589. iPhone and Zune, no comparison!
  1590. The all new Show is online!
  1591. The all new Rubenerd Blog is online!
  1592. Ruben Tries to Understand Data Independence
  1593. FreeBSD 6.1 Error on Parallels 3036
  1594. Parallels Desktop FreeBSD issues
  1595. Anyone Used a Creative Xmod?
  1596. HSBC Doesn’t Like Camino!
  1597. Guess I Should Run Software Update More Often!
  1598. Pretend You’re At a Malaysian WiFi Hotspot!
  1599. Fake Uni Degree Spam
  1600. Creating a LinkedIn Profile
  1601. Useful NetBSD / *NIX Commands For Newbies
  1602. SIOCSIFMEDIA: Invalid Argument
  1603. Nintendo Wii Lah
  1604. Apple I With Aftermarket Wooden Case!
  1605. NetBSD 3.1 Released
  1606. Dopey Lottery Spam
  1607. Rubenerd Forum Finally Fixed!
  1608. Fixing Rubenerd Sites for Internet Explorer Users
  1609. Secret Youth Tobacco Ads on YouTube?
  1610. Using WordPress Categories as Tags
  1611. Remove Go Button from Firefox 2.0
  1612. Waterfall Software Development
  1613. A Closer Look At Apple’s Universal Binaries
  1614. There Goes The Neighbourhood
  1615. Latest Rubenerd Outage
  1616. We Have Internet and Telephone Again!
  1617. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf WiFi Down
  1618. Operating Systems Ranked
  1619. Bloglines Versus Google Reader, Can’t Decide!
  1620. Useful Ruby Tutorial Websites
  1621. Learning Ruby
  1622. New Ruby Website
  1623. Rubenerd Unplugged 001 2006.10.25
  1624. Microsoft Windows Live Messenger Spam
  1625. England Starts Fingerprinting Drinkers
  1626. LCARS 24 For Your PC!
  1627. Getting PHP Working on Mac OS X
  1628. Slashdot Quote
  1629. Virtual Apple ][
  1630. The Enterprise 64 Computer
  1631. Rubenerd Blog Maintenance
  1632. NeoOffice: Aqua Is Here!
  1633. Sun Download Manager
  1634. New iTunes 7 Screenshots
  1635. Retro Ericsson Melody Maker
  1636. Security Now! Feedback
  1637. Organise Your Life with PMWiki
  1638. New Google Notifier
  1639. Partial-Time Job Vacations, Kerrie !
  1640. Run Your Screensaver As Desktop Background
  1641. First Blu-ray Disc Drive Won’t Play Blu-ray Movies
  1642. Online Auctions Raise Value of Charity Gifts
  1643. PocketMac for BlackBerry
  1644. Singapore Lifestyle Wiki
  1645. Sol Mania for Blackberry
  1646. Commodore 64 T-Shirt
  1647. The GIMP and the Sharpen Filter
  1648. Wikipedia Error
  1649. Do You Know Japanese?
  1650. Open Source Software on the Mac
  1651. Sonray Share Trading Game
  1652. Orange Juice Cleaning Products?
  1653. Ridata 8GB CompactFlash Card
  1654. Revisiting The Venerable A Tag
  1655. Another eBay Error
  1656. EDS and CSC Are Gonna LOVE This Article!
  1657. Windows XP at Uni
  1658. Ruben is Romantic: Quizilla
  1659. Dice Testimonial
  1660. AAA Mortgage Solutions
  1661. Even Windows Vista’s PRICES Suck
  1662. Registering for Slashdot
  1663. Break The Chain
  1664. Great IT Spares eBay Australia Store
  1665. Integrated Mainboards and AC’97
  1666. Modem Versus WinModem
  1667. Retro Computer Museum
  1668. Moving to WordPress MU
  1669. Mac OS X on the Power Macintosh G3
  1670. Technorati Tag Plugin
  1671. Random Weirdness Spam
  1672. Apple Battery Recall
  1673. Ramtil Oil
  1674. Is Down?
  1675. Frank Edward Nora’s Blog
  1676. Fathers Day PayPal Spam
  1677. Very Clever Firefox
  1678. Pokuga Test Spam
  1679. Malaysian Department of Agriculture
  1680. University Chronicles of Ruben
  1681. WordPress 2.0.4
  1682. The SwiMP3 Player
  1683. Bad Connection, Bad Connection
  1684. Ruben’s UNIX Secure Delete Crash Course
  1685. Old But Useful Software
  1686. Windows 2000 on Boot Camp
  1687. Michelin’s Airless Tyres
  1688. Socceroo Ducati 999 on eBay
  1689. Ubuntu On Blue Power Macintosh G3
  1690. Virtual BlackBerry On Your PC
  1691. Web Browsing in Mac OS 9
  1692. Casino Spam
  1693. Unable To Reach Gmail
  1694. Post 200!
  1695. Replica Watches Spam
  1696. Mac OS X 0x80020025 blank DVD and CD error
  1697. UNIX Being Nice
  1698. How to Make a WordPress Archives Page
  1699. Jordy Blog: Hollywood Hates You
  1700. Colloquy 2.1 Beta (Universal Binary)
  1701. Preying On The Less Knowledgeable
  1702. Nocturnal Spam
  1703. The Mug Boss from Think Geek
  1704. RSS vs. RSS – A Tale of Two Icons
  1705. We’ve Been Bamboozled by Software Licences
  1706. Gmail Slowmail
  1707. Compress Files in Mac OS X Terminal, UNIX
  1708. PayPal Australia’s New Newsletter
  1709. Cluttered Computer Desktop
  1710. Software Purchase Spam
  1711. Wrong Season eBay Spam
  1712. The Myth of RSS Compatibility
  1713. Just Registered for
  1714. Servage Hates WordPress
  1715. Dave Winer versus Rainer Schade
  1716. Making the Jump to Tableless Design
  1717. Make It Great by Phil Gerbyshak: eBook?
  1718. Five General Rules in Web Design
  1719. Movable Type 3.3 Released
  1720. My UniSA Student Portal Stinks
  1721. All Too Flat: Apple Switch Blog
  1722. SuSE 7.3 Bash Initialization
  1723. Make It Great by Phil Gerbyshak: eBook?
  1724. Headline: Ruben More Fickle Than Ever
  1725. Existance of the blog
  1726. Hidden Mac OS X .prefPane We All Have!
  1727. The Sims 2: Fixing Sound, Universal Binary, MacBook Pro
  1728. DVDs: User Operation Prohibited
  1729. University Spam
  1730. Finally Made User Page on Wikipedia
  1731. Useful Guide to MIME Types
  1732. Windows Gaming on MacBook Pro
  1733. Apple Boot Camp: Windows XP On Mac
  1734. Comforting Military Grade Encryption Spam
  1735. Biometric Passports in Singapore
  1736. Finally Got Wireless Working At UniSA!
  1737. AllOfMp3 Is Down
  1738. CSS Styled <hr /> Tags
  1739. Setting Up My Ultimate DOS Box: Part 1
  1740. My 486 Laptop Arrived!
  1741. Universal Binaries for Mozilla Software
  1742. Pointless Spam
  1743. Birthday 486
  1744. I’m 20! And Useless eBay Purchase!
  1745. XBox 360 Launched in Australia
  1746. Credit Spam?
  1747. Great Intro to C++
  1748. The Power Mac 4400/200
  1749. Best Bittorrent Sites (Ongoing)
  1750. Windows Spam
  1751. Spam Unsubscribe Gives CafePress’s Life Story
  1752. Spam #009
  1753. Windows XP and Satan
  1754. Linux vs Windows: The Register
  1755. Thanks
  1756. Transmission Bittorrent Client
  1757. Mac vs Linux vs Windows
  1758. Spam #008
  1759. Email Woes
  1760. Internet Down Again
  1761. No More RSS, RDF (rescinded)
  1762. Spam #007
  1763. Spam #006
  1764. Spam #005
  1765. UniSA, What Were You Thinking?
  1766. Low Interest Rate Home Loan Spam
  1767. Proprietary Software &amp; Songbird
  1768. Spam #003
  1769. Spam #002
  1770. Ruben Versus Servage FTP
  1771. Sus eBay Email
  1772. Quit Meter
  1773. Operation WTF is OVR
  1774. Operation WTF
  1775. Dick Cheney Shirt
  1776. Meeting Established
  1777. Good Malaysian Webhosting
  1778. Hello world!
  1779. Technorati
  1780. Linux on an iBook G3
  1781. Painfully unreliable internet
  1782. WordPress and webserver status
  1783. Choosing a blogging tool