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  1. Vaccinated aren’t as likely to spread Covid
  2. Anti-vaxxers
  3. Nasal breathing, and other observations
  4. Monotony grows wings on time
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  6. A silver lining with Australian vaccinations
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  10. Australia’s new Covid reality
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  12. The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 2019
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  14. Getting our first Covid jab
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  16. A report on exercise and sleep
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  18. A simple bar of soap
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  20. Survey on the perceptions of migraines
  21. Fortress Australia and New Zealand
  22. A royal pain in the toe
  23. Jim Kloss on headaches
  24. Things I was thankful for in 2020
  25. @Spycrowsoft on OLED sensitivity
  26. We can’t all work from home
  27. 10% the flu rate in New South Wales
  28. Daniel Andrews on empathy for COVID testing
  29. Young and knowing, or old with money
  30. Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value
  31. These measures aren’t political statements
  32. De-politicising COVID responses
  33. Selling your fire extinguisher
  34. The speed of technology
  35. Sleep patterns and home isolation
  36. What’s missing from NAS reviews
  37. Your local cafe is an expensive habit!
  38. Try and pick the fake COVID story
  39. Change is a measure of competence
  40. Physical symptoms of job stress
  41. Arena Unix II swim cap
  42. Coronavirus info from data centres
  43. Replacing the phone
  44. Manga swimsuit follow-up post
  45. Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts!
  46. Thanking Medicare and RNS staff
  47. More sun, less grass
  48. Steve Hofstetter on Robin Williams
  49. Music Monday at Milsons Point
  50. Decluttering: Mofo Soap
  51. When’s the best time to use a plane lavatory?
  52. That time he whinged about a headache
  53. Kao laundry powder scoop analysis
  54. Intermittent fasting, and metabolism
  55. Attitudes to mental health
  56. We almost got Arena manga swimsuits
  57. Ergolux corner standing desk
  58. The folly of haircut instructions
  59. Just test the damned pills
  60. Social media demands we not have nice things
  61. Migraine coping techniques
  62. Cancelling your Australian My Health Record
  63. Bathroom observations
  64. Micro‐beads
  65. From the not‐this‐again department
  66. DOS and sex-ed feedback by @ozzmosis, @Georgiecel
  67. Respect for sex education
  68. Rockmelon and life
  69. Codeine in Australia
  70. Listerine mouth wash taste guide
  71. Belle Gibson, fake cures, and media
  72. Manflu 2017
  73. High speed rail in Australia, again
  74. HealthMeTV video station billboards
  75. Prescription drugs are far worse
  76. Recharge
  77. Being mostly wrong about diesel cars
  78. Another reminder of luck
  79. Marijuana for chronic pain
  80. Words in your face are ruder than smoke
  81. Diesel cars
  82. A late night cup of hot water
  83. Caffeine may contribute to healthy liver
  84. The day I got my foot back
  85. When your ankle is still a beach ball
  86. I broke ground on Sunday, with my ankle!
  87. A veritable pain in the neck
  88. Smoking
  89. Bupa International
  90. Steve Jobs in 2011
  91. 15 conveniences that’ll kinda kill you!
  92. Headaches suck and other observeations
  93. Replacing coffee with tea
  94. Aussie Across America and using email better
  95. The iPad and Palmar Hyperhidrosis -ness
  96. American healthcare debate in one tweet
  97. Healtcare reform passes in the US
  98. Comparing cancer to… computer games?
  99. My World’s Smallest Political Quiz results
  100. Our dog Romeo is feeling better
  101. Incentives for not drink driving instead?
  102. #WorldAidsDay
  103. Sending wishes and thoughts to Paul Allen
  104. Ted Kennedy and the heathcare bill
  105. The word sneeze has three e’s in it
  106. Pointless hayfever rambling to feel better
  107. A crappy cigarette smoking excuse
  108. US healthcare reform view from an outsider
  109. Newsmax isn’t doctor’s journal or The Onion
  110. On Steve Jobs, Tony Snow and health
  111. Even the uni is talking about swine flu now
  112. Rush Limbaugh and Michael J. Fox
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  118. Collagen Most Common Protein