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  1. Chaining addresses in FreeBSD ipfw
  2. FreeBSD 12.1 available
  3. Fun with online ECC memory shopping
  4. Consolidating all the things, also watches
  5. Custom awk delimiters
  6. Windows games on FreeBSD via Homura
  7. GCC being removed from FreeBSD 13 base
  8. Some more jot numbers
  9. Goodbye again to the Linux Journal
  10. Choosing a NAS
  11. A brief history of KornShell time
  12. My 2019 essential tool list
  13. ZFS isn’t just for NAS boxes
  14. Ansible name parameters in cron
  15. Ansible authorized_key and user variables
  16. Versions of ksh93 in macOS, FreeBSD
  17. Don’t forget the -y with FreeBSD Ansible
  18. Jaycar external RAID box with FreeBSD and ZFS
  19. A purpose-built FreeBSD home bhyve box
  20. Tweeting about FreeBSD, NetBSD
  21. Cropping a single row of pixels with ImageMagick
  22. When did you learn version control?
  23. Goodbye tanakasuka, my last RAIDZ-1 ZFS pool
  24. OrionVM launches Melbourne PoP
  25. BSD questions from @romanzolotarev
  26. User 'polkitd' disappeared during update
  27. Perl 5.28.2 in ports and perlbrew
  28. FreeBSD devd files need a .conf extension
  29. Curly bracket substitution in sed, nvi, Vim
  30. Subversion in OrionVM FreeBSD templates
  31. PF in FreeBSD and NetBSD
  32. Using a 4K LG UltraFine display with FreeBSD?
  33. Inline substitution with NetBSD sed
  34. No FreeBSD on the Libretto any more
  35. NetBSD devpubd as a FreeBSD devd equivalent
  36. Learning about shell indirect expansion
  37. FreeBSD sh getting set -o pipefail
  38. FreeBSD shared object not found
  39. Stack Overflow survey 2019
  40. fd, the find alternative
  41. Finding the current week number
  42. Windows versus BSD and GPL
  43. Bookmark cleanout, December 2018
  44. Could not chdir to fulljail
  45. rmdir versus rm
  46. OpenSSH undefined symbol on FreeBSD
  47. A dev quote attributed to Maurice Wilkes
  48. A dodgy USB key
  49. Option wishlist for shell software
  50. Red Hat deprecating KDE, with reminiscing
  51. Xorg: More than one possible primary device found
  52. Greyed out VMware Fusion NIC settings
  53. Not news, but ed25519 keys are tiny
  54. Ports
  55. mkfs.xfs on Debian
  56. Can you do it cheaper?
  57. Linux to FreeBSD: lspci to pciconf
  58. LattePanda
  59. WordNet and Problematical
  60. ifconfig
  61. You have detached Mosh sessions on this server
  62. Deleting all FreeBSD jails
  63. Suppress echo newlines
  64. PostgreSQL NOT IN with NULL
  65. Argument mnemonics
  66. FreeBSD ZFS catching mismatched disks
  67. The WQ command is unknown to FreeBSD nvi
  68. rsvg-convert svg to png
  69. Using rsyncd instead of rsync over SSH
  70. Nice FreeBSD bash prompt
  71. $q q Vim bug, and moving to vim-console
  72. FreeBSD doesn't need moused for Xorg
  73. Moving from 1Password for KeePassXC
  74. Turning 32!
  75. My Akihabara GPD Pocket
  76. When you cd to double slashes in bash, tcsh
  77. Tokyo 2018
  78. Sorting a *nix folder by last modification date
  79. Ports Collection support for your FreeBSD version
  80. FreeBSD swapinfo
  81. using Let’s Encrypt
  82. How to really add FreeBSD users to groups
  83. Prevent GELI password boot prompts
  84. Keep it simple, Ansible
  85. Python interpreter for Ansible
  86. Ansible with FreeBSD
  87. freebsd-update timezone changes
  88. Case-insensitive file systems aren't clear cut
  89. The wonderful FreeBSD cal
  90. rgb2ycbcr and rgrep
  91. FreeBSD and ZFS with Plex
  92. Enforce 4k sectors in FreeBSD
  93. Force overwrite with cp
  94. Alternative Let’s Encrypt Clients
  95. Basic sh to scan an IP range
  96. Showing dd progress
  97. scp can tab-complete for three slashes
  98. Browsing tar files with Vim
  99. Upgrading and locking FreeBSD 10+ ports in pkgng
  100. Perl 5.20 in FreeBSD
  101. Burning ISOs in El Capitan
  102. Required Nagios email alert packages
  103. FreshPorts on GitHub
  104. Finding the current week
  105. Segfaulting Firefox on FreeBSD
  106. jot and shuf
  107. Taking the hint, git
  108. Ignore certificate warnings in wget
  109. Mount ZFS in FreeBSD single user mode
  110. nginx 1.9.3
  111. Renaming files with invalid characters
  112. When nginx add_header don't appear
  113. git-lite on FreeBSD
  114. sed versus Perl substitution performance
  115. Xfce 4.12
  116. CPU architectures on nixCraft
  117. The bane of GNU Info
  118. An unexpected FreeBSD 10.1 RC4
  119. Recording screens with ffmpeg
  120. Missing FreeBSD map file
  121. Hey, bash doesn’t exist
  122. Incomplete bash code injection fix
  123. Bash code injection vulnerability
  124. Using xz with newsyslog
  125. FreeBSD 10 performance
  126. Disable moused on a FreeBSD Xen guest
  127. Changing the owner of a symlink
  128. Initialising regrettable decisions with systemd
  129. Wheel group for FreeBSD visudo
  130. Use curl to download image sequences
  131. FreeBSD 10 PVHVM serial console
  132. Terminal capability "cm" required
  133. pkgng repository size
  134. NTP sanity check
  135. A basic FreeBSD NAS with netatalk3
  136. Downloading from multiple sources with aria2
  137. Linux RdRand
  138. SaaS cloud encrypting customer data
  139. FreeBSD and hardware random number generators
  140. ZFS on FreeBSD supporting TRIM
  141. FreeBSD 9.2 with vesa in Parallels Desktop 9
  142. Linux doesn’t have to lose for BSD to win
  143. bsdtar and xz on one line
  144. rsync remote command not found
  145. FreeBSD pkg bootstrap is being restored
  146. pkgng is now in the FreeBSD Handbook
  147. Malaysian FreeBSD nostalgia and community
  148. Changing timezones in CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, Yuki
  149. FreeBSD GPT works just fine on the ThinkPad X40
  150. pkgin and pkgng for pkgwin
  151. Belkin F5D7010 works on Fedora and FreeBSD
  152. HandBrakeCLI start-at and stop-at in
  153. Point Gnome 3 Contacts to SeaMonkey Address Book
  154. Make Qt applications match Gnome 3
  155. BSDInstall is just wonderful
  156. Merging KDE icons into the Task Manager
  157. libcxxrt C++ runtime now available under BSD licence
  158. FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE
  159. Enlightenment E17 at 1.0!
  160. A barely qualifying post on DSLness
  161. I’m an uncool computer scientist
  162. FreeBSD 8.1 freshly toasted
  163. hptrr: no controller detected FreeBSD error
  164. Caution: filename not matched unzip error
  165. Picking up an MSI P43T-C51 for peanuts!
  166. Using pushd and popd with tcsh
  167. Excited, verbose review of Joe’s Own Editor
  168. Gnome 2.30 has been released, I think
  169. Unix file compression basics
  170. Graduating from nvi, kinda
  171. Only enabling 16 bit PCMCIA in a FreeBSD kernel?
  172. Trying out the nvi editor
  173. FreeBSD 8.0 boots on a Toshiba Libretto 70CT
  174. Tcsh telling me DING!
  175. unzip need PK compat. v4.5 error thing
  176. Answering @JJProjects about $100 million
  177. SuperDrive likes FreeBSD, scared by Fedora
  178. An ncurses virgin installs it and tries it out
  179. Answering J-Walk’s clock
  180. Could KDE 4.4 be enough to win me back?
  181. An OpenSSH epiphany
  182. Fun with graphical Links browser
  183. Restoring damaged FreeBSD boot loaders
  184. FreeBSD 8.0
  185. Spreading the FreeBSD 8.0 love
  186. Late November night ruminations
  187. Torrenting, downloading FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE
  188. LilyTerm is my favourite terminal emulator!
  189. Fedora 12 installed and go!
  190. Friday night shell adventure
  191. ThinkPad X40 secondary IDE #fail
  192. Kaspersky’s FreeBSD anti virus! What?
  193. FreeBSD in new VMware Fusion 3
  194. FreeBSD in VMware Fusion 3.0 is amazing!
  195. Freshly toasted VMware Fusion 3 goodness
  196. Why must external drives behave this way?
  197. Windows 7 not faster than XP after all
  198. Rearranging Gnome titlebar buttons
  199. Mac and FreeBSD guy trying Debian
  200. MacBook Pro trackpad on OpenSolaris
  201. Getting around a Windows ban
  202. 64bit FreeBSD Commander Keen
  203. Using Gnome icons in the Xfce desktop
  204. The Midnight Commander… editor?
  205. Review of Nitrogen background setter and previewer
  206. Openbox FreeBSD netbook software whatnot
  207. If you’ve never tried Midnight Commander…
  208. Congrats to Gerard van Essen from
  209. Netscape reference in FreeBSD
  210. FreeBSD 7.2 has been released
  211. Using Herrie to listen to Whole Wheat Radio
  212. It’s FreeBSD’s documentation, stupid
  213. My belated review of VirtualBox for Mac
  214. My belated review of
  215. Online monetisation is a misnomer at best
  216. Moving to Linux from FreeBSD on my Armada M300
  217. Spread FreeBSD and all that
  218. Disabling the PC speaker in FreeBSD
  219. The best tool for the job is the one you can use
  220. Booting Windows Vista should mean kicking it…
  221. Quick guide to burning CDs in FreeBSD
  222. Turning a Firefox story into an anti-Mac story?
  223. FreeBSD has come a long way on Wikipedia too
  224. A refreshed Windows disgust rant!
  225. FreeBSD 7.1 now available!
  226. Using env in shebang scripting language lines
  227. My falling out with Microsoft actually explained
  228. How to forcibly eject drives in Mac OS X
  229. Brief flirtation with FreeBSD on my MacBook Pro is over
  230. I can now boot FreeBSD on my MacBook Pro!
  231. Tips for compiling KDE 4.1 from FreeBSD ports
  232. My kingdom for a bigger notebook hard drive
  233. Google Chrome goodness!
  234. Networking issue to blame for poor VMware Fusion BSD performance?
  235. VMware Fusion 2.0 beta2 with FreeBSD review
  236. Western Digital MyBook DHCP adventure
  237. Backing up CDs to ISOs on FreeBSD
  238. FreeBSD AMD64 is good for you
  239. Tunneling X11 through SSH on Mac OS X
  240. Fun with Xfce part 4: Using Openbox
  241. Fun with Xfce, part three
  242. Fun with Xfce, part two
  243. Fun with Xfce, part one
  244. Latest computer book haul
  245. VIM security note for FreeBSD folks
  246. KDE user moving his main machine to GNOME
  247. Zip and rar archives in Gnome
  248. NTP primer on FreeBSD, NetBSD
  249. FreeBSD on an Armada M300 rocks
  250. On Adobe Air, limited accounts, updating, BSD
  251. Spreadsheet adventures (and Excel 08 sucks!)
  252. Well there you go, the K does mean something
  253. Cutting Mono out of GNOME on FreeBSD
  254. My Windows Vista Home Premium adventure
  255. Ironic Adobe FreeBSD advertising
  256. Dodgy Windows virus scanner on FreeBSD!
  257. Sleek Openbox in KDE on FreeBSD
  258. Debian Etch for 5, then back to Slackware
  259. Powered by FreeBSD case sticker
  260. Faulty Intel DQ35JO motherboard fun
  261. KDE 3.5.8 font registration fun
  262. Adobe Air musings and so forth
  263. The mysterious little DFE-670TXD
  264. Mahalo is just plain silly
  265. Another look at NetBSD
  266. Trolltech revises permitted Qt licences!
  267. Enabling UTF8 in Nano
  268. Learning FreeBSD, FreeBSD 6 Unleashed
  269. FreeBSD verbose package installation
  270. VMware Fusion Beta 3 released
  271. X11, FreeBSD, Parallels Desktop, xorg.conf
  272. FreeBSD guy tries and likes Slackware Linux!
  273. Mikuru, Fluxbox with ROX-Filer on FreeBSD
  274. FreeBSD Boleh!
  275. KDE user tries Gnome after 8 years!
  276. Fsck, power surges, journaling, FreeBSD
  277. Creating FreeBSD boot disks on Mac OS X
  278. Haruhi Suzumiya dancing on FreeBSD?
  279. Parallels Desktop FreeBSD issues
  280. Operating Systems Ranked