covid 19 post archive

  1. Our Covid travel bubble
  2. Anti-vaxxers
  3. A video call with a failed mute button
  4. Monotony grows wings on time
  5. A silver lining with Australian vaccinations
  6. What I miss during These Times™
  7. Australia’s new Covid reality
  8. Getting our first Covid jab
  9. Singapore and Japan dialogue on Covid
  10. There probably won’t be a post-COVID reset
  11. A simple bar of soap
  12. When your customers want your service down
  13. Minecraft, and mental health
  14. Perceptions of remote work
  15. Commutes before and after the pandemic
  16. Fortress Australia and New Zealand
  17. Introverts and Covid
  18. Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2020
  19. Why I’m not talking more about Covid
  20. Things I was thankful for in 2020
  21. How we respond to crises
  22. Experience of flying back to the US
  23. Turns out, not a brush with Covid
  24. Everything normal again? Sort of, maybe, kinda
  25. Tech in the two-speed Covid economy
  26. The ultimate 2020 conspiracy theory
  27. The 2020 Ig Nobel Prize for Medical Education
  28. Feedback on my Mr Orange post
  29. That guy in the GoToMeeting splash screen
  30. Bloomberg TV, back in 2020
  31. We can’t all work from home
  32. Goodbye to the Three Beans in North Sydney
  33. Working from home still tenuous sometimes
  34. 10% the flu rate in New South Wales
  35. Remote work as a platform
  36. COVID, science, and emotion
  37. Daniel Andrews on empathy for COVID testing
  38. These measures aren’t political statements
  39. John Siracusa on WFH holidays
  40. De-politicising COVID responses
  41. Exercise during isolation
  42. Race riots
  43. Conflating implementation with intent
  44. Ministers not wanting the COVID tracking app
  45. A prophetically-appropriate AKB48 song
  46. If there are silver linings to any of this
  47. Kevin Rudd on Australia and NZ's relative COVID success