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  1. Australia’s Internet fun this morning
  2. CISA’s exploited vulnerabilities report for 2021
  3. Train journey bucket list, via @JKloss4
  4. Getting our first Covid jab
  5. Verbal ticks that never change
  6. The @davewiner does a bank experiment
  7. What Americans don’t understand about Australia
  8. ACIC’s expanded surveillance submission
  9. An updated clearance sign
  10. Survey on the perceptions of migraines
  11. “Vinyl saved us, but CDs are the best”
  12. Commutes before and after the pandemic
  13. Seeing the 3801 steam locomotive
  14. Fortress Australia and New Zealand
  15. Slanty road barrier things
  16. Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2020
  17. That distinctive ALCO engine rattle
  18. The media's culpability in the NBN
  19. It’s not that people don’t want kids…
  20. Lessons learned from the 2016 Australian census?
  21. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
  22. An abandoned coffee shop full of letters
  23. Everything normal again? Sort of, maybe, kinda
  24. The Australian government’s NBN backflip
  25. A turkey, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  26. NBN already outdated
  27. ATO overcharging tax for salary sacrificed super
  28. Goodbye to the Three Beans in North Sydney
  29. 10% the flu rate in New South Wales
  30. Daniel Andrews on empathy for COVID testing
  31. Charging Australians to come home, with apologies to Clarke and Dawe
  32. De-politicising COVID responses
  33. Still getting mail from a leaked database
  34. Exercise during isolation
  35. ACCC’s March quarter 2020 report
  36. That’s You, to the power of Us
  37. If there are silver linings to any of this
  38. Kevin Rudd on Australia and NZ's relative COVID success
  39. Savage Garden: Thousand Words
  40. Comparing footprint of cities I care about
  41. Follow-up to my fintech security post
  42. First late night walk in ages
  43. New neighbours
  44. HO-scale R-761
  45. 3801 is back in Thirlmere
  46. Australian FTTN and metadata surveillance
  47. Cancelled flights between Sydney and Melbourne
  48. Bushfire news is too much
  49. A personal retrospective on the 2010s
  50. Our own small brush with a bushfire
  51. Bushfires, with comments from my dad
  52. Angus Taylor’s metadata adventure
  53. Another smoky Sydney morning
  54. A smoky Sydney morning
  55. Australia’s ruling class on bushfires
  56. When companies underpay staff
  57. 1977 kept coming up
  58. SEA ME WE3 Singapore-Perth cable cut
  59. Deciding on a bank based on their mobile apps
  60. Housing as an asset class
  61. Australia’s uninterrupted economic growth…
  62. Woolloomooloo coffee in the morning
  63. Back at a Dôme
  64. Shock jocks and free speech
  65. Your Sunday morning economics snippets
  66. Even with the best of intentions...
  67. False dichotomy of human rights or privacy
  68. Australian solar to Singapore via undersea cable
  69. Australian IT firms not consulted about #aabill
  70. Sashin’s House at the Top of the World
  71. Streetcars in the US
  72. Apple’s new campus not attached?
  73. Australia lost, again
  74. Bob Hawke
  75. Richard Di Natale on Australia’s #aabill
  76. Alamy Kiwi stock photos
  77. AAPT on moving off copper
  78. Australian IT in the budget reply speech
  79. Our first aviation go-around
  80. The Christchurch massacre
  81. Peak California... on Medium
  82. George Pell found guilty
  83. And now Sydney is frigidly cold?
  84. Anxiety plus ignorance, it is!
  85. When client-side validation attacks
  86. Our moving NBN adventure
  87. Remembering Le Cornu in Adelaide
  88. Scott Morrison loses a vote
  89. Do parliaments need a separate executive?
  90. Churning to Superloop
  91. Ending mandatory religious classes
  92. Going loud in the morning
  93. Day after Australia Day picnic
  94. The Australian people
  95. Scientology’s Australian recruit struggle
  96. Just test the damned pills
  97. Cheaper, and more affordable
  98. Sydney trains late, crowded
  99. The Opal Tower conflict of interest
  100. Our 2019 New Years
  101. My 2018 news resolution backfired
  102. Some December Sydney skies, part one
  103. Bookmark cleanout, December 2018
  104. Australian property downturn reporting
  105. Chains I miss in Australia and Singapore
  106. Parliament a disadvatage for governments?
  107. Yes, the #AABill is about encryption
  108. Apia
  109. Australia’s new anti-encryption bill
  110. Goodbye FastWay Supermarket
  111. Rubenerd Vacancy Pile Index
  112. If you want encryption, you support…
  113. Australian Prime Minister Taylor Swift
  114. High-vis economics
  115. Corrine Bailey Rae, Put Your Records On
  116. Economic impact of back doors
  117. Why rip up functional footpaths?
  118. Red Hat Forum Sydney 2018
  119. Encourage-mint
  120. World War I
  121. New Caledonia votes against independence
  122. Gendered schools
  123. It wasn’t Pyne’s fault, maybe!
  124. Victorian opposition leader on religious classes
  125. Top tourist destinations by money spent
  126. Telstra feedback survey
  127. An empty udon bar at night
  128. Seeing Chermside at Chatswood
  129. An Australian public energy retailer
  130. Australian household spending from savings
  131. Australian Prime Minister Morrison
  132. 2018-08-08 08:08:08
  133. Cancelling your Australian My Health Record
  134. Santa Monica and Savage Garden
  135. A Californian rooter van
  136. Evil fake Scotch
  137. The @yaakov_h on the Australian ABC
  138. Privatising the Australian ABC
  139. Another Bitbucket easter egg
  140. No more Optus dialup
  141. Micro‐beads
  142. Respect for sex education
  143. It's a foggy Sydney this morning
  144. Mad as Hell!
  145. Using Amex as a single-trip Sydney Opal
  146. Sydney Then and Now, 1959–2016
  147. First direct flights from Australia to the UK
  148. People leaving Sydney domestically
  149. Music and phones in public
  150. A redacted post about an Australian politician
  151. Yeah but, y’know, caffeine butter
  152. Followup NBN post
  153. The original NBN was bad, because Turnbull?
  154. Sydney’s bubble tea, ranked
  155. Baked Australia
  156. The red-backed fairy-wren
  157. Brigid Delaney on Australia’s 2017
  158. Sportsmanship
  159. CRN poll on fate of the NBN
  160. Marriage equality now law in Australia 🎄 🌈
  161. A diamond encrusted bass guitar
  162. Australia just said yes to marriage equality 🌈
  163. Marriage equality
  164. Video: Bit dusty next door
  165. Flaws with Sydney’s Opal card
  166. In fact, we do elect our Prime Ministers
  167. Australia’s wave of resigning MPs
  168. Scott Ludlam
  169. Fibre to the Node
  170. Gotten
  171. Who’s to blame for slow AU broadband?
  172. Mr Brandis, You Can (Not) Decrypt
  173. Sydney house prices in 2017
  174. Mr John Clarke, one of the great satirists
  175. Icehouse, Electric Blue (1987)
  176. Rhipe Prime Portal
  177. Hot enough for you 2017?
  178. Millions benefit from housing speculation
  179. Civil use of Australia's mandatory metadata
  180. HealthMeTV video station billboards
  181. Australian ISPs to block torrent sites
  182. Why politicians like property investment
  183. Domain: All you need are rich parents
  184. Australia's immigration dimwits
  185. The @wellmaywesay podcast
  186. Graduate Outcomes Survey
  187. A week of posts at once
  188. One Australian electorate against marriage equality
  189. Leaked doc show long Medicare delays
  190. Amex Australia customer survey
  191. Extracting more money from renters
  192. Mr Turnbull on the NBN and #CensusFail
  193. Sydney restaurants that take Amex
  194. The NBN is dead, but look at the kitten!
  195. Check your election enrolment
  196. Life event unlocked: SteamFest 2016
  197. Transport NSW Australian Tennis
  198. Government still committed to uni fee hike
  199. We don’t need Australian state taxes
  200. Melbourne IT on graceful degradation
  201. When password character limits attack
  202. No more Australian HECS repayment incentives
  203. Australia's failed NBN
  204. CRN: Optus rescues Dick Smith team
  205. Turnbull’s moot startup point
  206. Australian privacy, NBN net neutrality, and other news
  207. When Truncation Attacks: IT News
  208. You’re not part of the problem if you criticise FTTN
  209. Hunter Valley Gardens
  210. +612 8076 2005 is spam
  211. TPG’s Vodafone switch
  212. Tracking loved ones, with victim blaming
  213. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
  214. Wikipedia has all three homes
  215. Australian iPhone 6s plans stuck in the 2000s
  216. Two years of the Abbott Government
  217. Call on Australian Government to offer safety to Syrian Refugees
  218. Denali joins Uluru
  219. Right turn from left lane, caught by police
  220. Goodbye, Bronwyn Bishop
  221. Concession Opal cards
  222. Is site blocking effective in stopping piracy?
  223. Ruben sets up utilities
  224. Poles and wires for the NBN
  225. BREAKING: Terrifying police scope–creep spam!
  226. Reading off smartphones is rote learning
  227. Australia's surveillance tax is on
  228. Australian housing affordability
  229. Australian living standards
  230. When I accidently The Australian
  231. US bases in Australia
  232. I’m done, Mr Abbott
  233. Vegemite pizza
  234. He’s still Prime Minister Abbott
  235. Tony Abbott is Australia’s George W. Bush
  236. Dat Cosby Sweater
  237. Singapore has train delays, too
  238. #SydneySiege
  239. Australian climate policy up somewhere
  240. Gough Whitlam 1916–2014
  241. Creepy sanctioned University Experience Surveys
  242. Australian Coalition repeals mining tax
  243. A hundred little drafts
  244. Latest TPG ISP adventures
  245. This may need an RTA call
  246. Data retain THIS, Mr Attorney General
  247. Sneakernet cloud uploads
  248. Bill Shorten’s Australian budget reply
  249. A nation of coffee-drinkers
  250. The pedestrian blind spot
  251. An Ultimo pilgrimage to MSY
  252. Ruben and Malcolm’s technology mix
  253. Anime@UTS welcome picnic
  254. My first late night Winter Olympic kebab
  255. Sydney doesn’t need trams, it needs a metro
  256. Learning about fatigue
  257. The sound of PPPoE silence
  258. Essential Australian Museum minerals
  259. Wet’n’Wild Australian infrastructure
  260. Belated Sydney Central Terminal decs
  261. It’s beginning to look a lot like holidays
  262. Aviation stuff you learn from Wikipedia
  263. When you find yourself at Cafe Neo
  264. Fibre optic considered faster than copper
  265. The Hornsby Tornado
  266. Dealing with schoolies
  267. Goodbye, Kevin Rudd
  268. SPARK
  269. NSWFires 2013
  270. Sport and art in Australia
  271. More Wahroonga photos
  272. UTS Student Experience Survey 2013
  273. A tour of the Equinix SY3 data centre in Sydney
  274. Muckup day
  275. The Sydney Morning Hearld
  276. Prime Minister Tony Abbott
  277. Malcolm Fraser on drones
  278. My first year working for SMASH!
  279. So long Mr Conroy, thanks for all the fish
  280. Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister, again
  281. LNP doesn’t want the university student vote either
  282. Labor doesn’t want the university student vote
  283. Twisted #CityRail wire
  284. Fires at #CityRail and the Singapore #MRT
  285. It was BQ-12-MU
  286. Good morning, bad night
  287. Hot damn, Sydney
  288. Happy New Year, 2013!
  289. When I lost some respect for Julia Gillard
  290. Seeing @PSY_Oppa’s Gangnam Style in Sydney!
  291. This year’s #CityRail tunnel adventure
  292. #Anime #SmashCon 2012!
  293. An unexpected express train!
  294. Winter Solstice 2012
  295. R18 game classification in Australia
  296. Seeing James Morrison with friends!
  297. The ABC and Bitcoin
  298. Optus, Vodafone network sharing, via @madcatjo2point0
  299. Australian street jerks
  300. Mark Latham on the left
  301. Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 survey
  302. Updating your UTS transport concession sticker
  303. It’s as if PM Lee planned this for the QLD election!
  304. First US Marines arrive in Darwin
  305. Happy birthday! Sydney Harbour Bridge turns 80
  306. Summer flower photos in Earlwood
  307. Australian full body scanners
  308. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
  309. Sydney Botanic Garden #photos, part 2
  310. Mmm, Australian bank gravy
  311. Sydney Botanic Garden #photos, part 1
  312. Car crash in Earlwood, a mortality check!
  313. Sydney Chinese New Year market photos #CNYSYD
  314. Taking journalists to task, with @Jeorgina
  315. Today on #PunWatch: Cider
  316. My German immigrant grandparents wore deodorant
  317. NYE Family Fireworks in Sydney 2011
  318. Canadian Foreign Affairs gets odd requests from abroad
  319. Almost no point posting this iinode entry
  320. Australia Network, response to @RenaiLeMay
  321. Telstra joins the Plaintext Password Parade
  322. #QantasLuxury
  323. Cause this is my United States of Whatever
  324. Penny Wong on marriage equality
  325. Some more 2 bit photos for Binary Day!
  326. My two hours stuck in a #CityRail tunnel, with photos!
  327. That whole Qantas 2011 thing
  328. Media cartels, Australian law, pointless images
  329. NSW post-leadership benefits… wait, what?
  330. Victorian Gaming Minister O’Brien has a dumb haircut
  331. Steve Jobs vigil at the flagship Sydney Apple Store
  332. Ruben’s Australian immigration rant of 2011
  333. The IKEA Effect, and Manland
  334. TPG in SG, FYI
  335. Australian media enquiry misses the point
  336. Railfans fixate on stuff like this
  337. Westfield tracking users, not on trains
  338. What have you purchased online?
  339. We don’t need fibre optic and power cables!
  340. Hello darkness my old friend…
  341. Paying more for stuff and whatnot in Australia
  342. YouTube videos to scare refugees?
  343. The Sydney Rocks Aroma Festival 2011
  344. Done the Australian eCensus
  345. My rebuttal of Eric Abetz on #QandA
  346. My dream house
  347. 509 Bandwidth Limited Exceeded
  348. My Australian Bureau of Statistics infographic
  349. Assembling Boeing’s A380
  350. Finally, a government website that makes sense
  351. #CityRail post followup with [redacted] and Sally
  352. UTS and Happy Day 2011!
  353. #CityFail for 2011.06.23
  354. Photo expedition: early evening leaf things
  355. Supanova Sydney 2011, with almost no photos!
  356. A common sense Queen’s Birthday
  357. The Schade family garage of doom
  358. Why do Aussie banks need a wakeup call!?
  359. Openinternet commonsensification
  360. Retro Sydney CityRail maps!
  361. Victorinox Altmont 2.0 laptop baggyness
  362. eBay Australia sending me postal bags?
  363. These Sydney photos may look identical at first
  364. Virgin Australia
  365. I can haz republic?
  366. Skools and Aussie Vodafone outages
  367. Photos around Circular Quay at night
  368. Oh noes, data caps!
  369. Sydney train signal equipment #FAIL
  370. An Optus microcell? Me want!
  371. First layer of leaves after the election…
  372. Is someone at Westpac reading my blog?
  373. The NSW elections were tectonic… really?!
  374. A quarter century of Ruben Schadeyness
  375. Started as a post about Optus YouTube access
  376. Seeing Weird Al Yankovic
  377. CityRail coin sneakyness
  378. Westpac Bank internet security
  379. #QandA in three words tonight
  380. Earlwood sunset
  381. Super creepy train ride of doom
  382. Oh no! Most of us aren’t cool and hip!
  383. Eerily street lamp-lit flowers
  384. An Optus phone data post, with cans!
  385. Standing at the end of the world
  386. ANZAC Bridge
  387. Making sense of them Borders shutdowns
  388. Thai curry
  389. Wanting us to leave
  390. YEA
  391. Perth wildfires
  392. Shiver! What Sydney heatwave?
  393. 42 is code for not panicking about heatwaves
  394. Hyde Park ANZAC Memorial
  395. Hot enough for you, Sydney?
  396. Meanwhile, in Australia
  397. Bardwell Park station at night
  398. Hawkins Lookout
  399. Malcolm Turnbull’s 640KiB moment
  400. Queensland floods
  401. Hey look, a false banking advertisement!
  402. King William Road, Adelaide, 1960
  403. Blue skies are here again!
  404. What is this Australia I do not even
  405. Yeah nah, but yeah
  406. Holiday decorations at Museum station
  407. Refurb Tangara
  408. Speeding train
  409. Alan Jones
  410. Sydney Harbour in 1929
  411. Government use of iPads?
  412. Best. Train line opening. Ever.
  413. ACCC and Optus at a directions hearing?
  414. Optus message #Fail
  415. Home DSL provisioned! Awwwww yeah!
  416. Ned Flanders on Aussie NBN security
  417. Ruben is not an XPT engineer
  418. Aussie internet provisioning provisions
  419. My Gillard, Abbott comparison chart
  420. Wendy Francis’ deleted blog post
  421. Optus and their redundant SMSs
  422. Conroy dubbed Australia’s dumbest MP
  423. Labor support sliding, time to panic?
  424. #debate #ausvotes
  425. SBS asking the tough questions
  426. Aussie politics in a nutshell
  427. Telstra’s Internet and Cyber-safety site thing
  428. Morning Sydney out our window
  429. Nighttime Sydney out our window
  430. Great Firewall of Australia on hold…
  431. Goodbye Singapore
  432. The Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd #spill
  433. There he goes about high speed rail again
  434. Australia to record browsing history?
  435. John Black blames Labor woes on greenies
  436. Aussie Canadian news of interest (rates)
  437. I want the end of car culture too!
  438. Aussie customs can now search laptops
  439. Site to fight unfair Aussie bank fees
  440. It started as a Woolworths payment rant
  441. Running Windows on sales terminals… sigh
  442. #Adelaide #Earthquake Twitterings
  443. Push and pull behind newspaper declines
  444. Morocco’s solar plans, why not Australia?
  445. Singapore, Aussie banks make no sense
  446. Support Electronic Frontiers Australia
  447. Fielding beats Ludlam, game over folks
  448. Following Monnie instructions re: Conroy
  449. Kudos to Dick Smith Electronics in Adelaide
  450. The new
  451. Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Adelaide, pause
  452. We need Aussie high speed rail!
  453. Welcome to the 21st century Conroy, Atkinson
  454. Canberra is a city a city a city on Wikipedia
  455. CNET email marketing #fail
  456. Michael Atkinson steps down on net gag order!
  457. Michael Atkinson on democracy, games
  458. The Great Australian and Chinese Firewalls
  459. Great Firewall of Australia will happen
  460. Closest I could get to a cake for @Tarale
  461. Ultra fancy new Planitonearth maps
  462. Tony Abbott, Liberal Party self destructing
  463. For today Oli Young is The Word!
  464. Open house inspection peoples
  465. Teacher strike action with the NTEU
  466. Aussie ISPs responsible for copyright?
  467. South Aussie tertiary education going Microsoft
  468. Burning coal a bit different from breathing!
  469. Afternoon Boatdeck Cafe conversations
  470. Why I’m studying in Adelaide, stop bugging me!
  471. 11th November: Lest We Forget
  472. VPN connections faster than direct ones?
  473. Donating to non confrontational folks!
  474. Internode has launched a blog thingy
  475. This car is Epic As
  476. Revised Aussie coal lobbyist video
  477. My first Everyday Rewards junk mail
  478. Christopher Hitchens on QandA in Australia
  479. iPity The Fool who named iSnack 2.0
  480. Internode reactivated within a few hours!
  481. Telstra, Optus, Internode killed my study break!
  482. $58 billion on roads, $1.5 on public transport!
  483. MonnieCakes!
  484. My Adelaide Fringe poster design
  485. Not so pleasent World Vision encounter
  486. Yellow Envelope junk mail
  487. Lousy networks more effective than filters!
  488. Mark Parnell on Marine Policy 101
  489. Samoa now has left drivers
  490. Prohibition works! Wait, what?
  491. Javanese earthquake, #7NewsFail #9NewsFail
  492. Live trial of the Great Firewall of Australia
  493. Mawson Lakes internet since Tuesday
  494. Rental inspection went swimmingly
  495. A wild weather umbrella safety warning
  496. Cyclists don’t cause most accidents!
  497. BankSA Crime Stopper advertising
  498. No Costco in Adelaide any time soon
  499. Telstra doesn’t like Mawson footpaths
  500. Eerie afternoon in Mawson Lakes photos
  501. Surfin Bird over Aussie brekkie TV
  502. Rubenerd Fun Fact #77: Shane Rogers
  503. Australian Central Credit Union, PermitCookies
  504. Kyle is a steaming pile of fail
  505. Optus phone reconnection adventures
  506. Them Aussie states aren’t needed
  507. Well that’s good to know!
  508. Mike Rann tells me it’s cold in Adelaide
  509. On Qantas and the 787 Dreamliner
  510. Bill to allow same sex marriage in Australia
  511. Followup iTelephone Optus unlocking post
  512. Back in Singapore… again
  513. Silly iPhone photos from Mawson Lakes
  514. Red tape and Australian passports
  515. Red tape and Australian passports, part two
  516. A very merry Queen’s Birthday to you!
  517. Half an hour with a D60 and a backyard
  518. Photos around the Mawson shunting yard
  519. Australian political party quiz results, sustainable economics
  520. D60 photos of overcast Mawson Lakes
  521. Well there goes my respect for credit unions
  522. AdelaideNow newspaper comments
  523. A cat followed us home in the night
  524. Twittering with South Australian Premier Mike Rann!
  525. An Adelaide public transport ramble
  526. Beautiful seaside Adelaide tram photos
  527. On Sparx, grilled cheese sandwiches and jaffles
  528. AFL coach comparing lost game to Anzacs?
  529. Aussie banks taking advantage of consumers?
  530. Photo of much awaited Adelaide rain
  531. Mark Parnell on Ian Plimer’s climate change challenge
  532. South Australia: The Unpretentious State?
  533. Sad month for gay rights in South Australia
  534. It started as a Centrelink Windows 7 critique
  535. Giving credit where its due to Internode
  536. Adelaide hot cross buns and local fruit
  537. Clipmark: China spying on Aussie PM’s emails
  538. I don’t think Holden’s troubles are surprising
  539. Becoming a fan of Malcolm Turnbull on Facebook
  540. Clipmark: Greens call for China spy alert in Australia
  541. Earth Hour 2009 in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia, Earth
  542. My 23rd birthday photos from Hahndorf
  543. My passport says I’m an Aussie!
  544. Kevin Rudd meets Barack Obama, Adelaide Advertiser
  545. Clipmark: Slashdot Aussie censorship comment
  546. Clipmark: Senator Conroy on Twitter
  547. A Sunday Boatdeck Cafe Mugaccino post
  548. Scary tornado warnings in South Australia
  549. I have some barred locations on my phone line!
  550. An epic Australia Post fail of state proportions!
  551. An Optus phone billing adventure
  552. Aussie internet filter dead in the water and whatnot
  553. Emailing a politician… and getting a response!
  554. Results for Frome by-election in South Australia
  555. Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Australia Day!
  556. Optus slapped with a fine for sending spam
  557. And back to Singapore we go
  558. Oh no, it’s an Adelaide rambling post!
  559. Another adventure with an Australian bank
  560. Having fun with out Aussie download quotas
  561. Canada and Australia are kinda similar, eh, mate
  562. Adelaide Airport at 22:00
  563. Google Map of Adelaide Christmas light displays
  564. Net censorship like trying to boil the ocean
  565. Conflicting xml:lang attribute woes
  566. Rare occasion when Ruben genuinely feels happy!
  567. OPML feed for Great Australian Firewall resources
  568. Coldplay snubs Adelaide on their Aussie tour
  569. The GetUp Team on the Great Australian Firewall
  570. My own current woes with realtors and rent
  571. New Woolies logo looks icky and Web 2.0
  572. An Adelaide Airport addendum post thing
  573. On Adelaide Airport, Embraer E-Jets
  574. Nostalgic for credit crunch days
  575. The EFA’s Dale Clapperton on Triple M
  576. Our Prime Minister is now on Twitter!
  577. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be sending this
  578. It was a hot one in Adelaide yesterday
  579. Video: Now there’s a gas leak in Adelaide!
  580. Remembrance Day header image updated
  581. Australian internet censorship pilot to commence
  582. Remembrance Day
  583. Conroy, fix the Internet before you censor it
  584. Someone thinks internet filtering is a good idea?
  585. McCain discusses Australia, Obama does not
  586. Internet censorship discussed on Aussie breakfast TV
  587. Rubenerd Blog October 2008 rambling summary
  588. New Aussie NoCleanFeed protest graphics
  589. No Clean Feed, No Censorship on Australian internet
  590. iPhone public transport ramblings
  591. Mac OS X thinks Adelaide is in eastern Australia
  592. Australia would vote for Obama
  593. Open seven days a week, it means to us
  594. An audience with the prime minister
  595. New quality of life rankings, why I’m skeptical.
  596. This is what an economic bounce-back looks like
  597. The REAL reason CBA is buying BankWest
  598. Blue Day 2008 and Mental Health Week
  599. Spring wildflower photos in Mawson Lakes
  600. Australian daylight savings has started. Free map!
  601. Misleading airliner news headlines are misleading
  602. At least Australian banks are weathering crisis just fine
  603. Not everyone approves of Ginger in Rundle Mall
  604. On the Mawson Lakes library and common sense
  605. RBA drops interest rates by quarter percent
  606. Sunrise, Spring and September musingS
  607. Eye really like my EyeTV
  608. Sustainable Olympics? Haha!
  609. Eerie night Mawson Lakes train station photo
  610. On students and generic brand goodness
  611. Internode rocks!
  612. Virgin Broadband doesn’t like my money!
  613. Phone line connection musings
  614. Telecommunications infrastructure shock…?
  615. On Adelaide life updates and tank chairs
  616. Starbucks shuts down in South Australia
  617. Adelaide life update
  618. Photos from Perth
  619. Back in Adelaide, world business rant
  620. Adeliade and Wichita, is it just me?
  621. The iPhone in Australia
  622. 737 posts, bad taking off pun
  623. Google Earth shows QE2 in Sydney!
  624. Barack Obama, Bob Brown Awesomeness!
  625. Leopard surprises me in February!
  626. A back from Sydney circumlocution
  627. Debra Ross, Mummy’s funeral
  628. Australia 2007 – Voting Green!
  629. Australia 2007 – No more John Howard!
  630. Aussie, Singaporean and American suburbia
  631. Dead airline models and such
  632. Adelaide in… Austria?
  633. Commonwealth English spelling in KDE
  634. Asia-Pacific rally, save for China
  635. Secret Youth Tobacco Ads on YouTube?
  636. New Hang Seng and Singapore Straits Times Records!
  637. More Woes For Adelaide Airport
  638. Kevin Keirle’s Mo and Other Observations
  639. Westfield eyes Canada, Europe
  640. Aussie Children Smacking Ban
  641. September 11th
  642. Marty Smith Quotes
  643. Late Night For Ruben
  644. Australian NRL Game Attendance Down
  645. Australia Quiz
  646. Commodore 64 T-Shirt
  647. Adelaide City Photos
  648. Orange Juice Cleaning Products?
  649. Are You South Australian?
  650. Socceroo Ducati 999 on eBay
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