Apple post archive

  1. That’s a huge number of folders
  2. Apple’s integrity-free APFS turns six
  3. macOS’s experiment in rounded-square icons
  4. Fixing “app source not there” in Homebrew
  5. Moving off iTunes after two decades
  6. Upgrading to macOS Ventura was a mistake
  7. A late review of the M1 MacBook Air
  8. Sideloading on iTelephones
  9. Feeling validation for Apple Pay anxiety
  10. Thanking Yee Cheng Chin for MacVim
  11. Tech you like that’s gone
  12. Portable digital audio players still exist
  13. The first iPhone, and portable music in 2022
  14. The iPhone 8 (and SE) are still better iPhones
  15. iPhone desktop sync has Walken’d away
  16. The iPad mini 6
  17. The M1X MacBook Pros
  18. What Apple mouses and Braun shavers share
  19. A rough week for Apple users
  20. Comparing PC all-in-ones to the iMac
  21. Laptop, tablet, smartphone, or phone?
  22. Testing from Big Sur
  23. The M1 Mac: “seems fine”
  24. Whimsy and the new coloured iMacs
  25. Apologising to wpa_supplicant and FreeBSD Wi-Fi
  26. Now obsolete MacBooks still have better screens
  27. Minecraft won’t launch on macOS
  28. Moving on from Apple
  29. Headphones as a social signal
  30. That complexity inflection point
  31. Antranig moving from macOS to FreeBSD
  32. Marco Arment on the Apple Watch sport band
  33. Scatterbrain Apple M1 chip thoughts
  34. Antranig Vartanian on RSS, HiDPI, Apple Silicon
  35. OLED-sensitive people left out from the iPhone 12
  36. Mac Dock persisting in Full Screen mode
  37. My new-ish 16-inch MacBook Pro
  38. FOSS laptops and subpar displays
  39. The roles of OSs have changed
  40. Phones before the iPhone
  41. Our current software and web slump
  42. Semantic discussion of macOS plists
  43. ARM Macs (but RISC-V would be cooler)
  44. Installing pkgsrc fonts on macOS
  45. Gatekeeping, and Mac users on FreeBSD
  46. LibreOffice fixes macOS text regression
  47. Apple Wallet boarding pass ergonomics
  48. A technical admission
  49. Installing Hunspell on FreeBSD and macOS
  50. Curious case of the 32 GiB key with only 64 MiB
  51. Trying the new 16-inch MacBook Pro
  52. 16-inch MacBook Pro
  53. Android biometrics in October 2019
  54. 1977 kept coming up
  55. Remember the Mac PowerPC to Intel shift?
  56. iOS 13.1 is still pokey
  57. Current ThinkPads with HiDPI
  58. What I'm reading, 2019 week 42
  59. Google against W3C privacy push
  60. Custom awk delimiters
  61. iTelephone 2019 wish list
  62. iOS always forgets what audio I was playing
  63. Siri response grading
  64. My 2019 essential tool list
  65. ThinkPads and MacBooks
  66. Why do most PC laptops have awful screens?
  67. Versions of ksh93 in macOS, FreeBSD
  68. The Mid-range utility Mac
  69. Next macOS to use zsh by default
  70. 2019 MacBook Pros
  71. bzip2 and KornShell fun
  72. Buying philosophy for computer hardware
  73. Storage versus RAM configurability
  74. Little things with Outlook, Apple Mail
  75. macOS not downgrading Wi-Fi security
  76. Apple’s rumoured 16-inch MacBook Pro
  77. Homebrew no longer accepts options
  78. A list of lightweight laptops from 2018
  79. Ranking of laptop keyboards
  80. State of Apple in 2018
  81. TigerVNC on macOS Mojave
  82. Why OLED phone screens suck for some of us
  83. CoreTypes.bundle still has some classic hardware
  84. Updating Apple Support Communities
  85. Marc Edwards on 2x Retina
  86. Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp for women
  87. macOS guest in VMware Fusion
  88. homebrew-cask-versions
  89. The new MacBook Air isn’t 2:1 Retina
  90. A tale of two Finders
  91. The new MacBook Airs are devoid of touch bars!
  92. Apple New York event wish list
  93. Review of BusyCal for Mac
  94. iTunes: You Can (Not) Advance
  95. More Homebrew serendipity
  96. Lee Myung-bak sentenced for bribery
  97. Microsoft Error Reporting error
  98. When Macworld isn’t
  99. The iOS Settings search field
  100. MacVim 8.1.235 (150)
  101. The Dutch are invading my Mac
  102. Right-click on Ubuntu 18.04
  103. Keysmash #3
  104. Photo of my desk in 2005
  105. Home digital assistants
  106. iUmu, the iMac
  107. HomePod
  108. Keysmash #2
  109. Keysmash #1: Gresham
  110. Only upgrade Apple on .2 releases now
  111. FaceID
  112. MacOS High Sierra UI bugs
  113. OLEDs suck, for me
  114. iTunes 12.7
  115. But Steve Jobs wouldn’t have done it!
  116. What’s new in the Debian installer
  117. Apple’s September 2017 kit
  118. What about AIX and HP/UX?
  119. Another vote for Safari favicons
  120. A decade of iTelephones
  121. The Show is back on iTunes
  122. diskutil unmountDisk
  123. The HP Pavilion Wave
  124. The new Mac Pro shall be
  125. Record answers for Apple secret questions
  126. The state of the Mac
  127. Mac downloads in 2016
  128. Dismissing macOS modal dialogs
  129. Blank iTunes apps column
  130. iTunes
  131. The iPhone 7
  132. Vesper claim chowder
  133. WWDC 2016
  134. macOS
  135. Apple Lossless versus FLAC
  136. Burning ISOs in El Capitan
  137. Fans brave wet as iPhone 6s goes on sale
  138. When homebrew-cask won’t let you uninstall
  139. Mid-2012 MacBook Air SSD upgrades
  140. Raw tech specs
  141. July 2015 iPods
  142. OS X El Capitan
  143. Stop trying to make Apple Watch without 'the' happen
  144. The 27 inch Retina iMac
  145. The Typo2 iPhone keyboard
  146. Two years with a MacBook Air
  147. Goodbye, Aperture
  148. Where NetNewsWire 4.0 stores app data
  149. 1Writer is like a Fantastical iOS editor
  150. There’s something about Aperture
  151. The Razer antithesis to the new Mac Pro?
  152. The wonderous new fcpbundle
  153. A public service message on Helvetica Neue Ultra Light
  154. Mac Pro compromises might not be for me
  155. I used to be that guy; the new Mac Pro
  156. A graphical Mac application package manager
  157. One step ISO creation from folders in OS X
  158. Cray Mac Pro
  159. My Mac Pro space station
  160. Is full-disk encryption worth it? Pokémon
  161. So when Samsung shuns NFC, it’s okay
  162. Keeping downloaded Xcode components
  163. The wrath of certain Android users
  164. It’s Not Apple So It’s Okay™
  165. I need the lightest possible machine…
  166. An 11-inch MacBook Air unboxing review thing
  167. I love you John, but stop reporting on Apple!
  168. A rambling Mac Pro status report!
  169. Windows Phone UI efficiency
  170. Australian Personal Computer, March 2012
  171. Google profits more from legitimate ads
  172. The end of Kyubey Flash on mobile devices?
  173. Jobs was my 1337 Flickr post
  174. Steve Jobs vigil at the flagship Sydney Apple Store
  175. Welcome to the turtleneck section of heaven
  176. iPhone4Steve
  177. Here’s to the Crazy Ones. The misfits. The rebels.
  178. Steve Jobs
  179. I got fourteen new iPod nano watches today!
  180. Downgrading from Lion
  181. Another lost iTelephone
  182. Goodbye Steve
  183. Foresight versus hindsight at Dell
  184. Paying more for stuff and whatnot in Australia
  185. Cocoa iTunes finally!
  186. Operating Systems Solutions #fail
  187. My first and last entry on Android patents
  188. Cory Doctorow on the Samsung Galaxy Tab
  189. This Week in Rubenerd Mobile Computing
  190. Mac OS X Universal Binaries finally disappearing?
  191. Apple only awards Mac App Store developers
  192. Orange MobileNotifier vests
  193. Apple Android locationgate whatnot
  194. FileVault on case sensitive HFS+
  195. Open letter to Apple regarding Finder dimensions
  196. My white iPhone 4 and Zune predictions
  197. iPad 2
  198. Java dying? Did Apple do it? An app store?
  199. MacTheKnife is back in bidness!
  200. Steve Jobs in 2011
  201. Image not saving scanned images?
  202. Reasons they got a Mac
  203. I can still read eBooks Apple!
  204. Government use of iPads?
  205. Three most terrifying words to a Mac user
  206. Oracle is taking over my Mac
  207. Apple’s new September 2010 swag
  208. Restore iTunes 10 window controls
  209. No more Apple Cinema Displays
  210. Longwinded post on the iPhone 4 saga
  211. One sided reporting on Android and the iPhone
  212. Thinking about WWDC 2010
  213. Stop the presses, iPad sells in Japan!
  214. Steve Jobs ruffles email feathers, again
  215. Android isn’t evil, it’s just not as awesome
  216. Microsoft’s consumer space woes
  217. Few quick Mac Terminal TrueCrypt tips
  218. Buying stolen property is Apple’s fault?
  219. Facebook iTunes integration… why?
  220. Mr GigaOM poses with an iPad
  221. The iPad and Palmar Hyperhidrosis -ness
  222. The iPhone, iPad forcing people off Flash
  223. FrankSting and Slashdot Znu on the iPad
  224. iPad swimming pool iPod bathtubs
  225. New iTunes 9.1 books library thing
  226. Personal take on CNET’s iPhone 4G wishlist
  227. Windows Phone Mobile thing 7 is… the iPhone?
  228. #Anime Mugi can’t figure out the iPad
  229. Beware the wrath of @DaveWiner !
  230. Downgrading back to Mac OS X Leopard
  231. A case study in why features != usability
  232. Apple’s unfortunate environment backstep
  233. Office for Mac adopting the screen hogging ribbon?
  234. iPhoneUserNews is coming back
  235. Aperture 3 signalling end of 32-bit support?
  236. Adobe attacks… with figures!
  237. iPad without Flash is Google without IE6
  238. Initial iPad Star Trek sounding reactions
  239. Worrying out loud about the Apple Tablet
  240. OS X telling me to Service Battery? Uh oh
  241. The Unarchiver 2.2 rocks
  242. Ruby.conspriracy?
  243. I won’t be using MarsEdit, for now
  244. Safari 4.0.4 is slick, but…
  245. Unmount discs without ejecting on Macs
  246. FreeBSD in VMware Fusion 3.0 is amazing!
  247. Freshly toasted VMware Fusion 3 goodness
  248. iPhoneUserNews and dull comment trolls
  249. The new MacBook Pro inverter worked!
  250. Single Dock Stack icon for all your drives
  251. The Cliq beating Apple
  252. An iTelephone app advertising fail
  253. BASIC on the iPhone Commodore 64
  254. Doubts over my Cult of the Mac membership
  255. Shot inverter in the MacBook Pro
  256. No backlight on Snow Leopard MacBook Pro
  257. I’m in love with Snow Leopard’s new Menlo font
  258. Whole Wheat Radio on Snow Leopard
  259. Good encrypted disk images on Mac OS X
  260. Getting ready for Snow Leopard
  261. My Snow Leopard software compatibility list
  262. Font smoothing in Snow Leopard
  263. First impression of Snow Leopard: is gut!
  264. Just ordered Snow Leopard
  265. Worrying out loud about iMovie HD 06
  266. iTunes running for 80:16:19:22
  267. Does mess up your iPhone 3G?
  268. iTelephone 3.0.1
  269. iPhoneUserNews is a breath of fresh air
  270. Mac keycaps for Unicomp keyboards
  271. Another spiffy new MacBook Pro battery
  272. Best. AT&T Logo. Ever.
  273. Taking Paul Thurrott to task on the Zune HD
  274. MacBook Pro ExpressCard slot debacle?
  275. Affordable MacBook Air, Green Hummers
  276. Landscape iTelephone keyboard everywhere!
  277. Followup iTelephone Optus unlocking post
  278. Using my unlocked iTelephone in Singapore
  279. Brief comments about new MacBooks
  280. GTK+ failing to build, Xcode 3.0 is the culprit
  281. On Steve Jobs, Tony Snow and health
  282. Some Mac software link clouds
  283. Broken Mac The Sims 2 equals bummer
  284. Testing pkgsrc on my MacBook Pro
  285. MacBook Pro wishing out loud and whatnot
  286. Reading and writing Windows drives on Mac
  287. My belated review of
  288. Looking back at virtual machines on Macs
  289. Restoring files with MacVim, Vim
  290. Review of AirMe for iPhone and iPod Touch
  291. Come again?
  292. Sunday afternoon post: Using my sister’s MacBook
  293. A privacy and potential security Flash scare
  294. Opening exported Quicktime images in The Gimp
  295. An iPhone uh oh message
  296. GlimmerBlocker: great idea in theory
  297. iPhone update 2.2.1
  298. Apple awarded patent for the iPhone interface
  299. On old computers and ripping CDs
  300. So Apple isn’t giving up trade shows?
  301. Steve Jobs’ health should not be a public spectacle
  302. What the 15 inch MacBook Pro really needs
  303. Search for a killer desktop replacement combo
  304. Late Linehaul Frt Delayed and other observations
  305. iPhone 2.2 makes MobileSafari usable again!
  306. Disable Marker Felt on iPhone, iPod Touch Notes
  307. Preliminary results of NetBSD on a MacBook Pro
  308. Western Digital Scorpio Black 298GiB goodness
  309. My review was featured on!
  310. Possible reason why there’s no MacBook FireWire
  311. Only problem so far with the iPhone: MobileSafari
  312. Brief flirtation with FreeBSD on my MacBook Pro is over
  313. MacBook a winner, unless you need FireWire
  314. I can now boot FreeBSD on my MacBook Pro!
  315. Keyboard and coffee, Sent from my iPhone
  316. The penultimate plus one MacBook FireWire post
  317. Addressing some MacBook FireWire arguments
  318. Apple still claims the MacBook includes FireWire
  319. Obituary for FireWire 1999-2008
  320. Apple’s tragic FireWire MacBook mistake
  321. New aluminium block MacBook Pros are nice, mostly!
  322. New Apple notebook hardware, waffle irons
  323. Nobody will ever need 16GiB, right?
  324. BeOS, the Amiga, now the iPhone?
  325. Okay okay I got an iPhone!
  326. Freshly baked Camino 1.6.4 now out
  327. VIDEO: Replacing the fan in my MacBook Pro
  328. The CNET Mac Conspiracy
  329. The iPhone in Australia
  330. A pleasant afternoon quiz distraction
  331. You see, iWork is like a box of chocolates
  332. Uh oh
  333. Apple bundling Safari was dumb
  334. Software compatibility with Leopard
  335. Mac OS X Leopard launch in Singapore!
  336. Security changes in Mac OS X Leopard
  337. Making Camino look like a Leopard app
  338. Camino runs rings around Firefox
  339. Nokia e61i screenshot of iPhone site
  340. Why I probably couldn’t own an iPhone
  341. Weird CNET network links
  342. My beautiful iBook is working again!
  343. Thinning universal binaries with ditto
  344. Mixed reaction to August 2007 iPod crop
  345. iPod features I’d love to see and love to hate
  346. COMEX Singapore 2007 expedition
  347. iTunes 7.3.2 crashing, force quit does nothing
  348. Another look at NetBSD
  349. Damn your new iMacs and iWork Apple!
  350. Keeping MacPorts up to date
  351. Learning FreeBSD, FreeBSD 6 Unleashed
  352. Yet another iPhone post
  353. UFRaw on Mac OS X to open RAW, RAF files
  354. Using Smultron and TextMate
  355. Five things Apple supposedly made up
  356. Seagate hard disk shot my FireWire port
  357. Transmission 0.7 released
  358. Amazing shrunking heads
  359. Ruben’s sexy new Mighty Mouse!
  360. Twitterrific 2.0 is slick!
  361. VMware Fusion Beta 3 released
  362. Trying VMware Fusion, and trying, and trying…
  363. Creating FreeBSD boot disks on Mac OS X
  364. iPhone and Zune, no comparison!
  365. FreeBSD 6.1 Error on Parallels 3036
  366. Anyone Used a Creative Xmod?
  367. HSBC Doesn’t Like Camino!
  368. Guess I Should Run Software Update More Often!
  369. Apple I With Aftermarket Wooden Case!
  370. A Closer Look At Apple’s Universal Binaries
  371. Operating Systems Ranked
  372. Getting PHP Working on Mac OS X
  373. Virtual Apple ][
  374. NeoOffice: Aqua Is Here!
  375. Sun Download Manager
  376. New iTunes 7 Screenshots
  377. Retro Ericsson Melody Maker
  378. Opening DAA Files On A Mac
  379. New Google Notifier
  380. Run Your Screensaver As Desktop Background
  381. Open Source Software on the Mac
  382. Windows XP at Uni
  383. Even Windows Vista’s PRICES Suck
  384. Great IT Spares eBay Australia Store
  385. Mac OS X on the Power Macintosh G3
  386. Apple Battery Recall
  387. Old But Useful Software
  388. Windows 2000 on Boot Camp
  389. Ubuntu On Blue Power Macintosh G3
  390. Web Browsing in Mac OS 9
  391. Mac OS X 0x80020025 blank DVD and CD error
  392. Colloquy 2.1 Beta (Universal Binary)
  393. Cluttered Computer Desktop
  394. All Too Flat: Apple Switch Blog
  395. Hidden Mac OS X .prefPane We All Have!
  396. The Sims 2: Fixing Sound, Universal Binary, MacBook Pro
  397. Windows Gaming on MacBook Pro
  398. Apple Boot Camp: Windows XP On Mac
  399. Universal Binaries for Mozilla Software
  400. The Power Mac 4400/200
  401. Proprietary Software & Songbird