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Found this site when I was searching for alterative energy sources (research for the next Rubenerd Show). According to the site:

British engineers are working on a prototype to convert street vibrations into electricity. By Christmas, they predict a working model capable of powering facility lights in the busiest areas of a city.

Damn I would never have thought of that.

From the site: "The Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF) is an international, member-supported nonprofit organization created to provide information, resources and innovative programs that promote sustainable living and sustainable design."

They also have a webzine on sustainable living which, as with the rest of the site, is geared towards women. This season's issue is a tribute to global warming and how damned hot it's getting. Not that I would know currently because I'm in Australia which is going through winter now; if a girl here wore that costume outdoors she'd die of pnumonia. No laughing matter here folks.

Global warming…?

Sustainable Style, Living and Design

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