I just got an email from someone through eBay:

I know that you are a serious seller for system software on ebay .so we are intrested in cooperating with you for longterm .we are a big wholesaler for all kinds of system software for example :WindowsXP sp-2,office2003 ect.for application software :PhotoShop9.01,CorelDraw12,3Dmax7.0,Microsoft office 2003,and all kinds of other software and so on .in Beijing .all the software, which are all at the lowest price ,and quality is guaranteed .
wait for your reply .
sincerely wishes .
your friend glean .

Hmm… I've only ever sold 2 pieces of software on eBay and already I'm a "serious seller for system software". Wait a tic, neither software items I sold were even system software!

Looks pretty sus to me.