Sugar-free whisky sour


I’ve given up most sugar. Which lead me to think whether some of my favourite cocktails could be made without it. Laura Dolson of Very Well Fit gave some history to the drink I didn’t realise:

Whiskey Sours date back to the 1860s and were a common drink among sailors who drank spirits when water was in short supply. Lemons or limes were added to the drink to prevent scurvy, which was common among sailors, and water and sugar were added for taste.

Today, you can buy a premade Whiskey Sour mix. The only problem with these powdered or bottled sour mixes is that they come with a whole lot of sugar. Fortunately, you can swap out the premade drinks and replace them with a delicious sugar-free Whiskey Sour, made all on your own.

She suggests using stevia. Stevia is fine, but now I’m interested if you could make without sweetener at all, or whether it would be too tart.

I rarely drink cocktails. But I love any drink with lemon, lime, and bitters. Not to be confused with the national drink of Australia with that exact name.

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