Still on Upian’s Hot Links!


I’ve come to terms with the fact most sites I’ve linked to since this blog’s inception in 2004 no longer exist, or 404 on newer versions of their sites. Ditto my Pinboard (n.e. The Dark Web is real, and its a bit terrifying.

So it’s always a delight when I find an old post linking to a site, and the site still exists! I wrote this a decade ago today:

Big thank you to going out to Chris Messina from for getting me on Upian’s Hot Links website, I’ve received hundreds of extra unique visitors just this evening from being on their front page!

The site has changed, but still exists. And if you do a search for Rubenerd, it still has a preserved screenshot from 2008, back when I was going through my horrible green design phase. Funnily enough, my current site theme is a reproduction of the one I was using just prior to that one.

Screenshot from Upian's Hot Links showing an old version of

On the off chance the site does go offline at some point in the future, have this screenshot.

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