Steve Jobs ruffles email feathers, again


Steve Jobs at WWDC 07

Looks like Steve Jobs has been answering questions directly again and garnering a lot of "wow he's so rude" responses. Oh yeah, and the iPod Touch is "just" a small iPad. Wait.

Personally, I find his terse answers refreshing and far more polite than the corporate, sugar coated marketing BS I'm used to reading from companies. I find it insulting when companies feel they have to talk to me like a kid instead of just telling me what they really think.

"We’re solution providers that promote synergy and cohesiveness within an organisation by structuring data in more meaningful, exciting and useful ways. To continue to offer such incredible service we’re requesting a temporary and completely understandable increase in our service charge…"

"We need more funds for the system."

I suppose rudeness is in the eye/ear/organ of the reader/beholder, I prefer it when people are more direct with me in real life too. Well, to a point. Stephen Bastian beating me up in high school because I was ugly or that I said something he didn't like was a bit much. That's right, Stephen Bastian, I think he lives in Melbourne now.

I've emailed Steve a couple of times, once to tell him I thought the way the press were dealing with his illness was disgusting. Never got a reply, probably a clerical error ;).

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