On Steve Jobs, Tony Snow and health


Back on the 21st of May I reported here that I was giving up posting comments on News.com because I couldn't be bothered dealing with the mudslinging (CNET News.com comments are getting old). Well, I lied! I saw a few comments from people on this article about Steve Jobs' health and subsequent return to Apple and had to post something.

joetesta70, ace10134, you guys have no class whatsoever. You may dislike Steve Jobs, but this article was merely a report regarding his return to work after going through medical hell. My mother died of a related condition that lasted over 12 years, let me tell you it’s brutally painful and difficult.

If you don’t like the guy or his business, there are plenty of places online to voice your anger, frustration (or I suspect envy). In the meantime, don’t go trolling on news stories about a person’s health; if anything all it does is attest to your lack of character.

It’s sad that intelligent discourse online is drowned out by such childish antics, same goes for "fanboyism". For me I’m only 23 and it’s already getting really old.

My basic point is, even if you don't like somebody bashing them for health problems is just wrong. I really did not like former American White House Press Secretary and Fox News commentator Tony Snow one bit, but that didn't mean I couldn't wish him the best during some scary medical problems back in 2007 (Wishes for Tony Snow) which he only just died from last year.


Let me make it clear, I think George W. Bush (along with my home country’s Prime Minister John Howard) is a war criminal and that his administration is dangerously incompetent when it comes to handling world and domestic affairs, and I agree with virtually nothing that Tony Snow has said or apparently believes. But I can imagine what his family is going through, and I would not want anyone to have to live through that. Nobody deserves it.

I wish you and your family the best Mr Snow.

I guess I'm just old fashioned in that way.

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