Steve Ballmer, 20 years of Microsoft in Singapore


Steve Ballmer in Singapore

On Tuesday I announced on Twitter that I'd booked a seat for Steve Ballmer's talk at Marina Sands celebrating 20 years of Microsoft in Singapore. At least, I thought I did until I got this message:

Due to overwhelming demand, we are unable to offer you a seat (-6).

Have no idea what that -6 is. Does it mean I missed out by six places? Or does it have something to do with 666 or another superstitious number thingy?

I'm bitterly disappointed, but I'll survive. I thought the talk and Q&A would be an interesting counterpoint to CloudForceSG which I watched on Tuesday, even if I probably would have disagreed with most of what was said. Hey, you're supposed to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?

I was going to ask him how he thought Microsoft was going to stay relevant in the consumer space this decade, and to sign my Windows 3.0 software carton! I suppose they got wind that I was a Mac, free/open source software and standards guy. Sneaky.

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