Stack Overflow are doing their developer survey again. I only wrote down some of my responses, and not which section they appeared in (whoops). I’ve arranged them into what I think makes sense.

Multiple choice: development

  • Which of the following options best describes you today? I am not primarily a developer, but I write code sometimes as part of my work.

  • Do you code as a hobby? Yes.

  • How often do you contribute to open source? Less than once a month but more than once per year.

  • How do you feel about the quality of open source software (OSS)? The quality of OSS and closed source software is about the same.

  • What is your favorite music artist or genre that helps you focus? Michael Franks, and the former Whole Wheat Radio catalogue.

  • What is the worst new dev technology everyone currently uses? Electron They didn’t ask this, but they should have. –ed

Multiple choice: work

  • What was your main or most important field of study? Information systems, information technology, or system administration

  • What are your greatest challenges to productivity as a developer?: Not enough people for the workload, and Non-work commitments. Though describing life outside of work as a challenge to productivity seems to bely a misunderstanding of life-work balance. –ed

  • Where would you prefer to work? Other place, such as a coworking space or cafe

  • Think back to the last time you updated your resumé, CV, or an online profile on a job site. What is the PRIMARY reason that you did so? I had a negative experience or interaction at work.

Multiple choice: platforms

  • What is the primary operating system in which you work? BSD.

  • How do you use containers (Docker, Open Container Initiative (OCI), etc.)? Testing, and Outside of work, for personal projects. I wish I could have said FreeBSD Jails; 2018 was a turning point for my use of them. –ed

  • How is your organization thinking about or implementing blockchain technology? Not at all.

  • Blockchain / cryptocurrency technology is primarily: An irresponsible use of resources.

Multiple choice: grab bag

  • Do you think people born today will have a better life than their parents? Yes. But what a loaded question! This could easily fill dozens of blog posts. –ed

  • What individual person do you think will have the most influence in tech in the coming year? Giovanni Buttarelli. The EU Privacy Commissioner. –ed

  • Are you the “IT support person” for your family? Also Yes. You’re doing yourself a great disservice if you haven’t seen Archer. –ed

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? Yes.

  • What social media site do you use the most? LINE.

  • Do you prefer online chat or IRL conversations? In real life (in person). Though I prefer neither when I need introvert time. –ed

  • What do you call it? Username

Tech we use

These questions asked what we used last year, and what we want to use next year; the latter for me was a superset of the former so I de-duped. Items in blue had to be manually specified.


Worked in: Bash/Shell, HTML/CSS, Perl, Ruby, SQL
Want to: Rust


Worked in: HBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Want to: Percona.


Worked in: AWS, Docker, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OrionVM, Raspberry Pi.

Web frameworks

Worked in: Ruby on Rails
Want to: Catalyst.

Development environments

Worked in: Vim, nvi.


Worked in: Ansible, Puppet.

StackOverflow feedback

These were text fields.

  • Why haven’t you ever contributed a Q&A to Stack Overflow? Corrosive community and “why?” answers, though I’ve posted on other Stack Exchange sites.

  • If you could change anything about Stack Overflow, what would it be? Friendlier, less dimissive admins and users, fewer automatically-closed questions.

  • Thank you for taking the survey. Do you have any feedback or thoughts you’d like to share? Have Perl for languages, and FreeBSD Jails as a container option.