I’ve discussed a few times here my preference for getting ideas and blog posts out over quibbling details like spelling and literary finesse. I still say the latter sounds like a shampoo. But I made a few of the former mistakes this week which deserve calling out. Here I was talking about Cray supercomputers:

Seeing the care and attention that went into crafting these supercomputers was awe-inspiring, as was the performance they mustered. In a world of car analogies, Cray was McClaren: cool, unobtainable, and incredible.

I’m glad my car nut dad didn’t see that. I think he’s still trying to forgive me for multiple uses of Ferarri back in the day. And for being a closet Williams F1 fan, cough. And then we had my recent Ansible post:

Still, in practical terms this means the user module, and the authorized_key module which is only used on users, refer to users differently. There must be a German word for things that concurrently make sense and don’t.

Technically these don’t constitute spelling mistakes, but why did only the first instance of user garner monospacing? I can hear my sister retorting that my face is monospaced, which is even less helpful.