On Sparx, grilled cheese sandwiches and jaffles


Sparx's grilled cheese sandwich

It may come as a complete surprise to many of you that in posts here I have a somewhat obsessive obsession (obsessive obsession of this kind doesn't lend itself to generating original and interesting adjectives) with grilled cheese sandwiches. At one point I even tagged posts where I had referenced them somewhere with their own tag. I should resurrect that.

The photo you can see above was by Sparx in response to my said obsessive obsession:

I took this photo some time ago for Ruben just because he seems to have a thing about grilled cheese sandwiches. (I think he’s rigged his Mac to make his grilled cheese sandwiches!) And now it’s grilled cheese sandwich week. So, in honor of the occasion and Ruben…

Perhaps she also highlighted one reason why I seem to be able to talk the talk but not walk the walk with my own grilled cheese sandwich creations themselves:

BTW, that’s an authentic 35+ year old cast iron skillet. It makes the best grilled sandwiches.

An Aussie jaffle iron

In Australia grilled cheese sandwiches are referred to as jaffles, and you can buy jaffle irons that look like and function similar to waffle irons. Australian recipes also call for onions, avocado and sometimes salami or another cold lunch meat to be put into it as well. They're wickedly good.

I got used to calling them grilled cheese sandwiches when we moved to Singapore, if you go to a western breakfast cafe and ask for a jaffle all you get is blank stares!

Winter is definitely on it's way to Adelaide, seems like now is as good a time as ever to give these a try again!

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