Unintended spam obfuscation poetry


Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam…

One technique spammers use to circumvent spam filters is to embed natural language sentences into emails to spoof the reverse Turing Test as it were by trying to appear as a human sender. With more sophisitcated filters these efforts aren't really effective any more, but for me they can be a fascinating source of random thoughts.

Take a gander at this latest gem; this spammer even went so far as to create an intruiging unordered bullet point list. There's something poetic about spliced material from different sources which when combined randomly… make absolutely no sense!

sat in the front seat of the ambulance, watching him listlessly as he walkedgang-planks are raised. white moon already well sunk in the west; northward was a little flickeringup, old!’ It would bring tears to your eyes.” floor, through which came a dazzle of blue and gold and green. He lookedthe newspapers tell the truth.”

  • the side of these carriages stood a rank of splendid servants, all dressed
  • "To France."
  • 1920 by George Allen & Unwin Ltd. The original manuscript and corrected
  • in the middle of the encounter at the request of one of the combatants. But barn.

Almost as Syme heard the words, he saw on the sea of human faces in
dressed like an enormous hornbill, with a beak twice as big as himself–the a long way off, “by God! if this is true the whole bally lot of us on the chance.” “Yes, indeed. But you two come in and see us; we are dying of the

Wanna slim down for summer? Go to [redacted] to learn how.

I tell you what, if I were an author, song writer or painter and I were out of ideas, I'd just consult my spam folders. There's a Hollywood blockbuster right here.

The irony wasn't lost on me either that the link to the weight loss products this spammer was selling was placed directly after a comment about dying from something. One would think this would be checked!

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