Spam about emotional intelligence


I got an email this morning describing a new management course. It was a bit eye opening:

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is now widely recognised as the fundamental quality of effective leadership and management.

Delegates explore topics that fall under the two main areas: social awareness and social facility. Within these two areas a range of EI competencies are explored such as empathy, attention, rapport building, understanding others, influencing, acting and more.

The course provides a series of exercises that helps delegates to practice communication skills by focusing on specific EI competencies.

You’d think wanting to be a good human would be sufficient, but I’m also not surprised courses like this need to exist. The problem is, are the people who need the training receptive to it?

I thought the ethics courses I did at university were excellent, but most of us were already primed for thinking about the impact of what we do. A vocal minority dismissed them as being a waste of time, which for them was likely accurate. I know one of those people now has a senior management position.

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