Spam #009


Ruben picks apart the useless spam he receives from the spamming spammers who spam him with their spammingly spammish spam.

Hi, Dear

Hey man, check out this sweet site I found, I wasn’t sure if it was real at first, but it is!
I tried them out and these patches are awesome!!!
Check out the special discounts they have too, I got a real good deal.

Don’t touch what you can’t grabtwihl

Your Derrick Miami, FL

Don't touch what you can't grabtwihl
What the hell is a grabwihl?

Hi, Dear
I'm hetrosexual thanks.

I got a real good deal.
Yeah and by conning me out of my money I'm sure you'd get an even better deal.

Your Derrick Miami, FL
You're not me Derrick mate, I have never even met you.

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