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With the latest Slashdot Beta site being compared unfavourably to Digg 4.0, an alternative community of nerds craving stuff that matters have formed around a new site. Dubbed SoylentNews, the site runs from the same codebase as Slashdot but with a layout and theme that preserves the traditional threaded comment system.

As a worried Slashdot lurker and occasional commentator, I've had a poke around and it seems technically promising. Leaving aside the seeming inability of FLOSS communities to brand themselves (though to be fair, Rubenerd isn't much better), it has all the ingredients that made the original Slashdot so much fun to read over all these years.

Ironically enough, all that's missing is the people. Time will tell if a meaningful number make the switch, or whether the site provides the impetus to Dice to listen to their adopted community. Either way, right?

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