Sorry Scoble, @Om was right on privacy


Om Malik with his iPad

Om Malik on the new Facebook Home thing:

And most importantly it is Facebook, a company that is known to have played loose-and-easy with consumer privacy and data since its very inception, asking for forgiveness whenever we caught them with its hand in the cookie jar. I don’t think we can be that forgiving or reactive with Facebook on mobile.

Robert Scoble in response:

The “privacy angst” folks like Om Malik are wrong

I just read Om Malik’s post about why Facebook Home bugs him. Sorry, it’s time that we stop listening to those who have “privacy angst.”

“Privacy angst?” Class.

Personally, I am supremely thankful we have honest people like Om Malik thinking about these issues, and voicing them in a public space. The true enemy to privacy is complacency.

Don’t trust those who tell you to stop thinking or listening.

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