Rick James Super Freak

As if I needed one, but another reason why I love Twitter is the spontaneous memes with a half life shorter than the time it takes for the fizz in soft drink to dissipate when the bottle is opened. I prefer Solo. Well this paragraph rapidly degenerated into nonsense more quickly than most.

Today's fun was coming up with expressing famous songs as code with the surprisingly descriptive #SongsInCode hashtag. @NickHodge by far had the best ones, but I tried my hand at a few too. I spaced them out to make them easier to read, but all these fitted into the 140 character Twitter limit when written on the one line!

San Francisco:

if (destination == "San Francisco") {

My Sharona:

4.times do
   puts "My"
puts "Sharona"

One Headlight:

if ( headlight >= 1 ) {
   [driveTo : home];


%signs = ( "Wild", "Can't Take Home to Mum", "Kinky" );
if ( exists $signs{$girl} ) {
   print "That girl's a super freak!\n"

Mambo No. 5:

int Mambo = 5;

Before You Accuse Me:

if ( yourself.takenLookAt() ) {

Rock Around the Clock:

for ( my $i = 1; $i < 13; $i++ ) {
   if ($i % 4 == 0) {
      print "$i o'clock rock!";
   } else {
      print "$i o'clock";


try {
} catch(WinehouseRefusalException e) {
   System.out.println("no no no!");

Bird is the Word:

Word thing = "Bird";
System.out.println ("The " + thing + " is the "
   + thing.getClass().getName() );

While all those were fun, I think the last was my crowning achievement :).