This tweet from @EXERClSES went mildly viral (is that a thing?) recently. Like all good tweets in 2015, it consisted of a link to an image containing text. For your convenience, I have transcribed them below:

  1. Think Less, Feel More
  2. Frown Less, Smile More
  3. Talk Less, Listen more [sic]
  4. Judge Less, Accept More
  5. Watch Less, Do More
  6. Complain Less, Appreciate More
  7. Fear Less, Love More

At the risk of violating my own happiness with points 1 and 6, I'd be remiss not commenting.

Despite my progressive hippiness, I never bought the idea that thought and feelings are tanjential. I'd argue the ultimate path to empathy is thought.

Watch less, do more also seems dangerous. Certainly actions speak louder than words, and your envy would be more productivly chanelled into self–improvement. As Sun Tsu said though, "know thy enemy". Observation is a critical skill (as point 3 notes).

As for fear less, love more; I think trust would be a better antonym. Which brings me to my ultimate point: never trust anyone who tells you to stop thinking.

I really need to abstain from late night posts.