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Graph titled: Posts Containing Saskatchewan as Percentage of Total. J-Walk has 0.027, Rubenerd has 0.007.

Given John Walkenbach is an Excel guru, on a whim this afternoon I wondered what better way to pay tribute to his ended J-Walk Blog than by creating some graphs!

We begin, above, with the number of posts we've both written containing the name of the world's most awesomely titled location, your favourite place and mine, Saskatchewan. For this graph, I determined the number of posts containing said locale, then divided it by the total number of posts we've written. Judging from this, we can deduce John was at least three times more interested in ice hockey than I was, and three times more likely to have a live moose roaming in his pantry.

Graph showing years active. Rubenerd is 6, J-Walk is 9, Whole Wheat Radio is 8.

Here's a chart comparing the number of years the J-Walk Blog was active compared to For interest's sake, I also included the late Whole Wheat Radio which was an influence on both of us, and that we both blogged frequently about during its heyday. John even met the site's proprietor, something I hope to do at some point as well.

According to this, I have two years to match WWR, and three for J-Walk. Wonder if I'll be able to overcome this apparent 8 to 9 year itch.

Graph showing the total number of post entries. J-Walk is 40738, Rubenerd is 4078.

You think I blog too much? I'm a rank amateur compared to the blogging machine that was J-Walk, and who continues to be on Google+. Granted many of my posts tend to be longer than his, but given he'd only been blogging a few years longer than me, that's pretty friggen amazing.

Check out the specific number of posts too. Aside from the 3 in the middle, the numbers are the same. That's just freaky.

Graph showing Google site search results for Grilled Cheese. J-Walk had 301, Rubenerd 778.

And now we end on something that Google proposes but I still simply can't believe! Despite his order of magnitute more entries than yours truly, and despite both sharing a passion for this most perfect of constables, both in relative and absolute terms I've mentioned them more often than he has.

DISCLAIMER: These charts were generated in LibreOffice, not Excel. Sorry John!

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