Some blog ideas I’m considering for 2023


In no particular, general, specific, numerical, or other order that one may sort such a set of ideas:

  • Going back to a server-side blog engine. Static site generation is fast, but it’s a pain in the posterior if I’m not in front of my primary computer. Not sure what it’d be.

  • Hosting an image gallery package, or writing my own. I stopped using Instagram, and have weaned myself off the dopamine hits you get from likes, but I’d still like to share photos from trips. Heck, maybe it’d be a static webpage.

  • Clara has offered to draw Rubi in more clothing styles too, which I’m looking forward to!

  • Running a Gemini server for specific topics and ideas that would get me trolled or “reply guy’d” on a public HTML server. I think it’d be a fun experiment.

  • More cowbell. Do people still say that?

  • Doing more interesting things with RSS, namespaces, and post metadata. I think there’s potential to deliver new things, or even classify and render different types of posts with alternative syntax. We have the technology.

  • Related to the above, classifying blog posts depending on their data. Maybe I could finally branch out into quote, snippet, image, or even code posts. I’d love to revive my git lunchbox and integrate it somehow.

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