You won’t believe why this guy hates cosplay


Yes, that Buzzfeed-inspired heading was a joke, given the critique in today's post is reserved for this special article "Six reasons I hate cosplay". Let's take a gander:

  1. He thinks patrons are rude, and the worst are those "dressed as Piku Chikka Uku GooGoo Gaga". While he may have a point for common courtesy, me thinks he could afford those targets of his racist diatribe the same.

  2. Some people don't know all the details of those they're cosplaying. Oh you poor dear, have a Bex and good lie down.

  3. Women only cosplay as hot characters to get attention, and guys all lear and drool because they want to sleep with them. Yay, sexism.

  4. Something something your fake weapons take up space. The Golden Rule would have sufficed without belittling those who may have spent hours building a costume you don't feel they're worthy of wearing, or from some "insipid Manga/Japanimation".

  5. Wear the costume you're built for. I admit, I used to think a little like this. I don't anymore, because people can express themselves without yours or my approval.

  6. Crowds. Yes, he complained about crowds at a convention.

It's possible Mr Robinson wrote this as parody, given it so succinctly summarises all the cliché talking points people level at cosplayers. If he didn't, let's pretend he did.

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