Photo of a Finish Sisu Pasi by Zolv on Wikipedia

I'm back in Singapore from my quick trip to Kuala Lumpur, so I thought instead of talking about it I'd discuss something utterly pointless!

In another email conversion I've been having with a close friend for several years now, the current topic has steered (to pardon the automotive parlance pun) to personal vechiles. I can never spell the word vehicles. I personally don't have a car and given I live so close to public transport hubs in Singapore and Adelaide I don't need or want one, but I was asked hypothetically if I were to get one what would I want.

The photo above is of a Sisu Pasi, a Finnish made six-wheeled armoured personnel carrier originally designed for Finnish Defence Forces. Screw Hummers and their environmentally friendly two axles, I want the real deal! Nothing says "get out of my way pedestrians and cyclists!" like a 10mm-armour clad war machine.

The scary thing is, I could conceive of a time when we have another combination of a cheap oil price cycle and another lax administration in the US when the Big Three are bailed out for the ninth time and decide to invest in armoured personnel carriers instead of the lowly humvee. Can't you imagine rich parents picking up their kids from school in these things to save them walking two blocks? I mean, these would really give [the impression of] safety! Genius!