Singapore has train delays, too


Panorama I took from the inside of an MRT carriage in Singapore.

Just in case Sydneysiders think I’m being unfair with my criticism of Sydney Trains, here’s a story of delays back home. It even comes with a human interest story.

SINGAPORE – A track fault caused MRT train service on the North-South line towards Jurong East to halt for at least 10 minutes on Thursday.

Ms Sarah Ng, in her 30s, boarded a train at Braddell MRT station at around 12.45pm. “The doors didn’t close and we waited for five minutes,” the designer said.

She added that an announcement was made saying that there was a track fault on the line towards Jurong East, although it was unclear where the fault happened.

Ms Ng then sought a refund from the station master, who said that train service would be down for 10 minutes. A screen at the station also indicated that train service was delayed due to a track fault from Ang Mo Kio to Jurong East.

In Australia, we’d call this a good day.

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