Simulator game? Why not do the real thing!?


One of my favourite games as a kid was a minigame in Putt Putt Joins the Parade. To make enough money for a new paint job and a car wash, you would mow people’s lawns, with ever-escalating obstacles to route around. It was immensely satisfying, relaxing, and a great way to blow off steam.

Errrrr, ummmm, ackchyually, Ruben, why not mow a real lawn?

I love other games for similar reasons. Train Simulator, the enduring Flight Simulator franchise, even games like Cities: Skylines. They’re fun because…

Ruben, are you there? I said don’t see the point! Why not mow a real lawn, fly a real plane, drive a real train, build a real city, launch a real rocket to Mars?

…they’re analogues of the real world, but in a chill environment at home without physical limitations and no pressure if you make mistakes. This is why…

RUBEN!? Simulation games make no sense! Why not do the real thing!?

…it warms my heart reading news that Powerwash Simulator is doing so well. If you pitched this game to plenty of people, they’d ask what’s the point. It’s an excellent game, to play and to watch.

PowerWash Simulator on Steam
Ouro Kronii streaming the game
Noisy Pixel: PowerWash Simulator Achieves Over 7 Million Players

Remember the golden rule of the Internet: you don’t need to justify yourself, especially to those asking why you’re having fun.

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