Jonathan K. emailed me to say a sales platform had crawled my humble blog here, with delightfully incorrect results! Let’s take a look at each section, aided with the use of a gameshow buzzer to identify incorrect answers.

Recent technology changes in Added Instagram (bzzt!), Added jQuery (bzzt!), added Instagram Links

I’ve linked to Instagram, but not only do I not use jQuery or embedded Instagram here, it never has, and certainly not recently. Not a great showing out of the gate, but let’s see how they go in the talent portion.

ECommerce: Pound Sterling (bzzt!), United States Dollar (bzzt!), Visa (bzzt!)

I don’t sell anything on my site. Better still, they judge this based on, and I quote: “using the $ symbol on their website - meaning it may accept payment in this currency used in Israel.” I… wha?

Mobile: Apple Mobile Tags, Meta Viewport

A stronger showing here. For those playing at home, we’re at 37.5%.

(Others): jQuery (bzzt!) Bitcoin Acceptance (bzzt!)

Hey, at least they didn’t say I use Coinhive. The rest dealt with RSS, Hugo, and metadata detection which was all correct, which grants them a slight passing grade overall. Which is an item of clothing.