Sila’s gamble


Below are a list of names from spam email over the last week, and the first association that came to me.

  • Silas Gamble: I hope they didn’t lose much.
  • Nila Martin: I wonder if they’re also short.
  • Terrell Cain: You’ve done it again.
  • Vicente Paul: And he’ll make you pay for it!
  • Claudine Russell: Floral teapots.
  • Violet Russo: A pilot who thinks women aren’t developers.
  • Elmer Watson: A clumsy hunter in a Harry Potter film.
  • Earl Foster: Classy name can’t save bad beer.
  • Maude Guzman: And then there’s Guzman.
  • Ryan Smith: Saving someone going to Washington.
  • Mr Business School: He must be huge.
  • Clement Carney: Pope on a ferris wheel.
  • Sue Nunez: Why, what did Nunez do?
  • Dean Collins: Su-Su-Ssudio!

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