New Rubenerd Show stuff… almost worked!


This is not a grilled cheese sandwich
This photo has nothing to do with this post whatsoever.

Hidey ho everyone, just a quick heads up. While I was able to get the redirects all working well from the old dedicated website to the new Rubenerd Show category here, the new RSS feed has the heading "Rubenerd Blog > Show" instead of "Rubenerd Show" which means if you're subscribed with iTunes or another client it might mess up your playlists.

I'm trying to find a way to edit WordPress's feed-rss2.php file to allow for different ones for each category so this will work. I've already hacked the theme to allow for separate content depending on categories so I'm hoping this isn't too much trouble. The new theme I'm working on and will be unveiling next month also does this really well.

I'll drink some Pepsi while I figure this out.

Sorry guys!

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