She Came In Through the Bathroom Window


It’s Music Monday time! Each and every Monday, except when I forget, I discuss music to help make the start of the work week a bit nicer. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Music and Monday start with the same consonant, or that I ripped the idea off my university’s anime club.

Today’s Music Monday post, which comes each Monday, is an embarrassing admission about a misheard lyric, however its easily eclipsed by the relief and joy I feel having now learned the truth.

On side B of Abbey Road we’re treated to a medley of Beatles music, one of the tunes being the title of the post. The chorus ends with:

Some day’s on the phone to Monday;
Tuesday’s on the phone to me.

Except, it’s not some day, it’s Sunday. That makes so much more sense. Well, as much sense as Beatles lyrics make.

I joke that it took me until I was 15 to realise they were called the Beatles because it had the word beat in it. Tack on another two decades, and I now know the lyrics to one of their most iconic songs. Joe Cocker would be proud.

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