Serendipitous #anime art


Serendipidous art seems to be a theme for Rubenerd this month! We've had accidental JPEG wiphalas, then accidental JPEG artefacts, then we had this draft post you're reading right now that I never got around to posting.

For you see, after reading technical documents all day, the last thing I want to read—and the last thing the web needs—is another dry website with no images. Thus, since I first started this site almost a decade ago, I've endeavored to include them in posts. Even if said images had as much point as a round room, or the pencil at the end of my desk that's staring at me, judging me. It's just another service I provide to you, dear reader, because I respect your time and attention.

For an accompanying image to my rumination regarding a lack of ATM PIN mindfulness, I hit up and typed “ATM”. Without any results, the site suggested that I meant “beatmania”, and showed this.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for bows! But we digress. Which is to say, I digress.

Having reached this dead end, I typed “cash” instead. The site suggested I meant “whiscash”, and showed the image below. Admittedly that is closer to the original title than “Beatmania”.

Clearly, next time I need more epic desktop background material, I should type seemingly random strings into image boards.

Alas, I can't find the source for either of these artists; it seems their Pixiv pages have long since been deleted. Once I know who, I'll link to them here.

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