Selling your fire extinguisher


Fire extinguisher

I already can’t remember where I read this, but it’s so great:

Selling your fire extinguisher because you’ve never used it.

Microsoft Word would have once told us, without a trace of irony, that’s “it’s a frament, reconsider”. I’m so glad I live in LaTeX world now, but I digress.

It reminds me of someone I met complaining that their Australian taxes pay for Medicare, given he’d rarely had to use it. I said I agreed that not getting violently sick or injured was a real shame.

It’s so easy, and politically expedient, to deprioritise health and safety when things go well. But it’s during that time when we’re the best positioned to prepare for that unavoidable eventuality. Only fools think good times last forever.

Fire extinguisher image by TPaign on Wikimedia Commons.

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