SegPub downtime problem #8


As my old man would say… bummaire

The Problem

This morning Rubenerd suffered yet another SegPub problem, this time the software couldn't connect to the database not because of an authenticate error but because it claimed it didn't exist. After roughly 15 minutes, the entire site went down.

Everything seems to be back to normal again as of 12:39 Sydney time. Including this one, this is the eighth SegPub problem I've documented since 2009.

I tell you what, is looking better and better. I need a cup of coffee.

The Update

I just received an official communiqué from SegPub this afternoon. I like the word communiqué, it makes me sound cultured. Does that mean I'm a yogurt?

Hi Ruben,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Earlier today we suffered an outage in one of our internal DNS caches, that caused some internal DNS resolution issues, including being able to connect to our database cluster. The issues were fixed once we were aware of the problem and you shouldn’t be seeing any more database problems.

I appreciated their timely response, but I still would have appreciated a heads up email when they knew something was going wrong instead of having to ask. Oh well, life goes on.

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