The webs are all a-twitter this evening about Seagate buying out LaCie, the storage company perhaps best known for their premium Mac hard drives, and memory keys in the shape of keys. I can still remember flipping through the catalogues and gawking at those gorgeous bright yellow FireWire 400 drives: they could hold a whopping 8GB! Needless to say, another enduring brand that I grew up is slowly fading away.

Of course, the story is a little more complex than what is generally being reported; Seagate is buying a controlling stake in LaCie, and may buy the company outright with government approval. In light of Google and Motorola Mobility though, I doubt this will be too much of an issue.

Aside from giving me an excuse to get nostalgic again, I only mention this because I only just blogged about LaCie. Looks like I'll need Makise Kurisu's help… again!