Scrabble HAPPY


As the sun sets on another day, I have one more post to make in this impromptu Scrabble series. Coincidently, this is also Rubenerd post 3636, if that means anything!

Your Scrabble posts were pointless, Ruben

For someone with a terrible 42% Scrabble win/loss record, a measely top score of 231 and the vocabulary of… someone with a poor vocabularly (see what I did there?) I not only ended my losing streak but did it by winning two games in a row! Granted they were also with fairly average scores of 177 and 186, but still! I also topped my previous record of EARFLAPS with 72 points, with TICKLED/OUTLAND for 84.

While giving me an excuse to post about Scrabble again (I had no idea I'd be mentioning it three times in a row now with my desktop drive icon and stationary shop posts), the point was to simply end the day with a reflection. My mum and I used to play Scrabble, so when she moved on it was placed in the "brings back painful memories" box. Simply put, it's so wonderful to be able to play it again and with good friends. I'm happy ^_^.

Had to use a blank tile!

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