Thought I'd have a theme to my posts today :).

One of the pointless, nostalgic things I miss about Windows and DOS are drive letters, so this afternoon on a whim I decided to label mine with none other than Scrabble icons by Marc Heatley, and then for something completely different some purple and blue letter icons from Supratim Nayak's fine collection.

Of course, such an endeavour reminded me why drive letters were a dumb idea; in the days of DOS they made more sense given users didn't generally partition their drives, use virtual volumes and had limited physical drives themselves, but thesedays they're redundant and very limiting! I gave up with the network icons and just stuck with X, because they look XTREME.

I'll keep them for a day, if only because they took half an hour to configure that I can't get back. Tomorrow it'll be back to pastries. Don't laugh, these are all very important decisions for the maintainer of any modern computer system; well other than the ones that eschew (gesundheit) desktop icons.