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But if a scientist can’t see it, touch it, analyze it, and alter it, then it isn’t real.

Droll, very droll!

While Chris did say this in jest, the jokes that are funniest are the ones with a kernel of truth. As unbelievable as it may seem, there really are people out there who think that’s all science is.

Obviously part of this stems from ignorance, but often I think it can be explained from childhood experience. I was fortunate to have some really wonderful, enthusiastic, engaging science teachers in high school. Science subjects were never my strongest, but they were the ones I found most interesting. Mr Napier, Mr Daloste and Mr Reilly were always more than happy to stay back to answer my trillions of questions and explain why my silly inventions I was always developing were not really practical!

For those who only ever got a string of boring tables to memorise, its easy to see how they could see the whole field as dull, purely deterministic and limited. And for others, science just doesn’t rock their boat. To each their own, but I think they’re missing out on some incredible stuff.

Image from the University of Cambridge site, though possibly from CERN given the filename.

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