Schady’s back, tell a friend


As I wrote on the Rubenerd Annexe in December 2013:

I’m back.

That was inspired. Hey, how are you? I’m doing okay, am still battling sickness and some difficult life circumstances, decisions, and people. But while the respite from Twitter has been welcome, I can’t not blog, or avoid the use of double negatives.

Speaking of coming back, I was communiting into work this morning, like a gentleman, and the train was all but empty. It was surreal. I can only assume the previous train was running late, so it absorbed all the people. Either way, it was wonderful to leave a train without people stepping on my toes, whacking me with an umbrella, or sneezing on grab poles.

There’s a larger metaphor there that someone with sufficient mental acuity could extricate from this rambling post. I was just happy to have a calm commute, absorbed in my Kindle and beautiful morning sunshine.

(For those too old or young to get the title reference, it was an Eminem song when I was in high school. I didn’t like his music, but owing to my last name I’d always stand when people asked where the real Slim Schadey was).

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