I would make a lousy hikkamori. While I need to recharge my introverted batteries after extended social interactions, I need to do it outside home. Sitting at cafes with my laptop and cup of black coffee, I can just let the outside world melt away in a way you intuitively wouldn’t expect. I don’t understand how it works, but it does!

Given the physiological importance of these outings, I wondered if there were any ways I could improve them. For one, is it better to sit outside or inside?

Previously, I tended to gravitate towards indoors. The air is climate controlled, you’re not exposed to the elephants elements, its easier to read the laptop screen. It would seem to be the logical choice.

Then we moved to Hornsby, and my new favourite coffee shop became The Refinery Espresso. They have an indoor section, but its entirely open to the street. I was worried that drinking superior brews in a less than optimal laptopping environment would have a negative impact.

Surprisingly, it was quite the opposite. I can’t put it into words, but it was far more invigorating. Whether it can be attributed to not breathing recirculated air, or getting more of that natural environment thing I keep reading about, I don’t know. Like the cafe effect itself, I can’t quantify it, I just know it works.

Now, if I can, I sit at outdoor coffee shops. Give me some schade [sic].