Save the web; wait, not you!


Firefox showed this when opening a new tab:

The internet — and lots of other things you care about — are on the ballot this November. Are you registered? Check here.

Sounds serious, I’d better check.

The things we all care about — including the health and future of the open web — depend on engaged citizens like you to be a voter. Left. right, or center. Blue, red, or green. Whatever your flavor, it’s your right to decide the direction of your community, state and country.

Country for sure. Pity it’s regarding the US, where I don’t reside or having voting rights.

I appreciate the message and cause. But online community writers and maintainers, please consider not everyone may be from the country you are. At a minimum, cite where your article is aimed. Or at best, make material available and relevant for everyone, it’s all of our responsibility to ensure a healthy web.

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