It’s another installment of Music Monday, the series in which I share audible emissions set to recognisable tunes. It’s not Monday though, whoops.

Play A Thousand Words

Today we venture back to the late 1990s, when Savage Garden owned the radio airwaves in Australia and Southeast Asia. A Thousand Words from their eponymous—geshunteit—album wasn’t one of my favourites, but this stanza made me curious:

You can resurrect a thousand words;
To deceive me more and more.
A thousand words will give the reason
Why I don’t need you anymore;
I’ll say the words out loud.
I’ll say a thousand words or more.

I ran the lyrics through wc(1) and got:

$ wc -w lyrics.txt
==>     243 lyrics.txt

So they’d have to sing that song at least five times to get to a thousand words or more. That’s fewer times than I always assumed and expected.