Different songs with same name #1


It's an entire new blog post series here on the Rubenerd Blog! Every couple of weeks I'll be posting about two or more songs in my Exaile or iTunes playlists that share the same name. Much like my Fun Facts and Grilled Cheese Sandwich Observation Lessons these are going to be riveting, hard hitting, and as Richard Quest would say: profitable! I can tell you're all quivering with excitement!

Today's inaugural Rubenerd Different Songs With The Same Name is In a Little While by Art Garfunkel in 1979 and Uncle Kracker in 2002. Only slightly different ;-).

I've always really loved that Art Garfunkel cover, my parents had the vinyl and even decorated their kitchen with the same kind of crockery I've been told!

They tell me this is the place to be
All these beautiful people,
And nothing to see!

*cliche record scratch*

In a little while I’ll be on my way!
So hold on baby for just one more day!

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