From my good friend JamieJakov comes the first glimpse of the character designs for the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal. I am excite!

Naturally, as an Ami fan from 1996, I was most interested to see her. I’m most relieved to see a semblance of the original art style continues in these current designs; I’m hoping this carries over to keeping “true to the characters” as well. That said, the subtle reshading of their eyes firmly establishes this as a 2010s series.

(Life hack for my younger readers, if your high school English teacher ever asks you about metaphors and hidden meaning in texts, sprinkle in “true to the character” and “juxtaposition” a few hundred times. Always worked for me, not that you read that here).

Wow, that was a long aside. Suffice to say, they almost appear SHAFT-like, I’d almost be surprised if Tuxedo Mask turned out to be Lelouche. Now there’s a plot twist that would be worthy of that studio.

But I digress. As with so many things in life, I remain cautiously optimistic for the series. And I fake apologise for the size of the accompanying image once again. As I said before, its not often a memory from your childhood is brought back to life.