Safari 4.0.4 is slick, but…


Safari 4.0.4

Hehe Safari 4.0.4… I suppose if it doesn't download properly you get a 404 error? HA!

Moving on, I just finished downloading the new Safari 4.0.4 release. Reviewed in one sentence: its one slick, fast browser. As I said on MacRumors though (and was promptly ignored) there's still one huge reason why I can't use it.

Each new release of Safari makes it even harder to be a Firefox user, and 4.0.4 is no exception I’ll tell you that. Its beautiful and fast even on my 32bit Core Duo MBP.

The only thing holding me back still is a lack of a NoScript alternative for Safari. Having got used to blocking JavaScript and selectively enabling it only on sites I trust in Firefox for so long makes me nervous about using anything else.

Unless there is a Safari extension/plugin that does offer that functionality that I’m not aware of, granted it’s been a while since I’ve really checked.

I suppose vendor lock-in comes in many forms.

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