Ruthie Mazengarb’s third year! Good stuff!


Ruth (left) and I (right) in 2004
Picture is of Ruth (right) and I (left) in the AIS high school common room, 2004. My facial expression was a result of having a nasty cold. My hair… I can't explain.

Got an email today from a Singapore high school friend of mine, Ruthie Mazengarb! Munt! Ruth came to our school in year 11 I think, was one of the nicest, funniest, nicest (I think I said that already) people I ever met, and let's just say I had a but of crush on her too. Ahem.

She's doing great down there in New Zealand, just about to start her 3rd year of a Social Work degree, a real thrill to hear. She's exactly the kind of person you would want working with people. That didn't come out right, but you get the jist.

But possibly the second best thing of all after the fact I heard from her? I've got her to ditch Windows!

You will be pleased to know I have a Mac (ibook) the baby/smallest one…..I remember your comments at school that always put Macs above Microsoft and PC, now, i do actually understand what you where on about, and think Macs rock too!

Is good lah, bagus!

It's amazing that I have several slow weeks in my email inbox (I don't count work on university correspondence!), but just in the last week I've met three new people and caught up with four others!

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