Perhaps my internet connection has been a bit spotty, but building the latest version of Ruby 1.9 from MacPorts has been failing on me with a checksum error all afternoon.

--->  Verifying checksum(s) for ruby19
--->  Checksumming ruby-1.9.1-p376.tar.bz2
Error: Checksum (md5) mismatch for ruby-1.9.1-p376.tar.bz2

Portfile checksum: 
ruby-1.9.1-p376.tar.bz2 md5 e019ae9c643c5efe91be49e29781fb94
Distfile checksum: 
ruby-1.9.1-p376.tar.bz2 md5 3e4ea40c2639880bfe5355c17cf91363

The correct checksum line may be:
md5 3e4ea40c2639880bfe5355c17cf91363 
sha1 5178cb0e1007ee839316206ee3aaeed49059cf0d 
rmd160 191e2be8c7817f9efab9f72ebb692ca33375d14a

Error: Target org.macports.checksum returned: 
Unable to verify file checksums

Might need to download the file manually, or if worst comes to worst build it manually. Package managers spoil me :).

In other news, as you can see from the screenshot above I haven’t been able to access Matz’s blog either, though Guido van Rossum’s comes up just fine. I’m starting to think there’s a Ruby conspiracy going on.


Well there’s the problem Sherlock! Despite improvements in efficiency with the Ruby 1.9 stream, I doubt they’ve managed to fit the entire language runtime in 12 kilobytes ;).

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